Wilemstead, Curacao
Curacao is located less than 30 miles from Aruba and can be reached by a short ten minute flight. Arriving you will notice several striking differences between Curacao and Aruba. The island is obviously more populated than Aruba and has a larger road system. On the way from the airport to your hotel you will undoubtedly notice the rolling countryside. Unlike Aruba, Curacao is not completely flat, it has some contour to it. Another thing missing on Curacao is the beautiful seven mile beach that you find on Aruba. Curacao has some beautiful beaches, but they are not as beautiful as Aruba's. That, however, was not a hindrance to us as we did not visit Curacao for its beaches. Curacao is known for its shopping and capital city of Wilemstead. Wilemstead, as you can see by the picture at left, reminds me of Amsterdam when viewed across the river inlet. Small brightly colored buildings neatly aligned against the water's edge brings back memories of being in the Netherlands.
During our first trip, in 1981, we spent a week on Curacao touring the island and enjoying all that it had to offer. We did not return again until 1998 when we added a day to the end of our trip in Curacao. Having spent the week in Bonaire we needed to return to Curacao to catch our flight home. I decided to add a night's stay there and was happy that we did. We selected the Sonesta Hotel and Resort, which was an excellent choice, and ended the trip in grand style. The Sonesta is a beautiful hotel located on a beautiful beach not far from the center of Wilemstead. The only thing wrong with it is the price, which is high, but the luxury is worth it. An excellent way to end a two week trip to the islands. The hotel grounds are beautiful with its centerpiece being the magnificent pool area. There are also several excellent, and pricey, restaurants and a casino for those inclined to enjoy such things.
Sonesta Hotel Pool

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