Drewry Home
Boykins, Virginia

Pictured is the home of Harry Moss Drewry and Eunice Adna Edwards Drewry located on Main St. in Boykins, Va. Harry and Eunice, after marrying in 1910, lived on the family farm at Pinnopolis, Virginia, not far from Boykins. Eunice, however, being raised in Boykins was not accustomed to country life. She wanted desperately to return to Boykins which they did in 1923. Harry wanted to purchase this house, but it wasn't for sale at the time. A year after moving back to Boykins the house became available and Harry purchased it. Due to financial problems in the early 1930's Harry lost virtually everything including the house. Showing a true "Drewry spirit," it was purchased by his cousin, Sam Pope, who allowed the family to continue living there. It was later purchased by Harry's son, Madison, as his home. He still lives there today where he celebrated his 86th birthday New Year's Day 1999. Harry lived his remaining years in the home.

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