Drewrys in the War of 1812

Martin Drewry, son of John and Sarah Slaughter Drewry, 1787 - 1863, was a successful planter of King William County where he also served as Justice of the Peace. Martin married Mildred Stevens Fox, daughter of Captain John Fox, of Revolutionary War fame. Martin served as a captain during the War of 1812.
Henry Tandy Drewry, 1794 - 1866, the son of John and Sarah Slaughter Drewry and brother to Martin Drewry, left King William County following the death of his mother in 1810 and removed to Richmond. He served during the War of 1812 making cartridges near the old Market House in Richmond, and following the war removed to Louisa County where he entered commercial business. In business Henry was very successful and amassed a considerable fortune while still a young man. In 1846 he returned to Richmond and purchased a large tract of land in Chesterfield County just south of Richmond. The plantation, known as the Lower Falls Plantation, consisted of over 1500 acres and would require as many as 500 slaves to farm the land and maintain the properties. On it he built the stately "Drewry Mansion," which survived until 1964. Henry married Martha Amelia Davis, the great granddaughter of Samuel Davies, president of Princeton College, 1759, and acknowledged to be the "father of Presbyterianism" in Virginia. Henry and Martha had many children who continued to live in Chesterfield County.
Humphrey Drewry, that is, four separate Humphrey Drewrys served in the War of 1812.

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