Eunice Adna Edwards Drewry
1890 - 1983

This picture, taken in 1946, shows my grandmother, Eunice, holding my sister, Carol Paige. During her "golden years" Eunice spent much of her time caring for her sister and brother, Geneva and Carroll Edwards, until they passed away in the early 1970's. Following their death Eunice lived with my family in New Jersey returning to Boykins in 1976 when my parents moved there from New Jersey.

Eunice was a born natural as a grandmother. I can still hear her admonishing me to "put a hat on" whenever I left the house as a child. Of course I never wore hats, but that didn't stop her from trying. I also remember her famous chocolate cream pies. The pies were great, but the kitchen was a disaster with flour strewn from one end to the other by the time she finished. She passed away in 1983 at age 93 and is buried next to her husband, Harry, at Beechwood Cemetery, Boykins, Va.

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