Madison Blount Drewry

Madison "Matt" Blount Drewry was born January 1, 1913 on the family farm near Drewryville, Virginia. A resident of Boykins, Virginia his entire life, Matt married Lucille Story and had two children, Brenda Rae and Elisabeth Madison, "Bettye Matt." Employed many years as a salesman Matt traveled weekly on business. Following his retirement he fell pray to what I refer to as the "Drewry affliction"! Like his father Matt is not comfortable anywhere for any period except Boykins. He rarely ventures far and always returns to spend the night in his own bed. Lucille passed away in 1974 at age 59 and is buried at Beechwood Cemetery, Boykins, Virginia. Matt is pictured here in the 1940's with his daughter, Brenda Rae, who passed away in 1997 after a lengthy illness.

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