Last Will and Testament
Elizabeth Missouri Drewry (1861 - 1885)
Southampton County, Va.

In the name of almighty God, Amen.
I, Elizabeth M. Drewry, being of sound mind and knowing the uncertainties of life, do make this last free will and testament.
Article 1st - I desire that all my just debts be paid.
Article 2nd - I give unto my brother Joseph E. Drewry __ and sisters Martha Francis and Anna Florence Drewry __ all of my personal and real estate __ to be divided equally.
Article 3rd - I desire that the Court not compel Martha Francis and Anna Florence Drewry to give security before allowing them to administer on my estate.
Given under our hands and seals this fourteenth day of January, eighteen hundred and eighty five -

Bettie M. Drewry