Last Will and Testament
Dr. James Lee Drewry (1862 - 1894)
Southampton County, Va.

In the name of God, Amen. I, Jas. L. Drewry, of Drewryville, Va., in perfect memory (God be praised) do make and ordain this my last will and testament.
First I commit my soul into the hands of God my creator hoping and assuredly believing through the only merits of Jesus Christ, my Saviour, to be (pride) partaken of life everlasting; and my body to the earth whereof it is made.
Second That a suitable stone be erected over Blanche's and my grave to mark our resting place.
Third The following legatees to be paid with the money my estate gets from life insurance as far as it goes there take one thousand dollars from the other estate to complete the gift.
Fourth To my sister, M. Loula Drewry, I give fifteen hundred dollars.
Fifth To my brother, W.S. Drewry, I give fifteen hundred dollars.
Sixth To my nephew, Drewry Mason, one thousand dollars to be invested in some good securities to be held in trust both principle and interest until he is twenty-five years old.
Seventh To my sister, Mrs. Mason, five hundred dollars.
Eight To my niece, Emmie Drewry, one hundred dollars.
Ninth To my brother, Jno. C. Drewry, five hundred dollars.
Ninth All the above gifts to be paid with the money received from life insurance and one thousand dollars from the balance of the estate.
Tenth To Miss Mollie Rixey all notes I hold against any of her family.
Eleventh To David B. Drewry, my brother, the residue of my estate real and personal property, moneys due the estate and all bonds and property of every description and policy on life of W.H. Drewry.
Twelfth I leave W.H. Drewry, my father, as sole executor of my estate without security and leave him one thousand dollars for his trouble.
Jas. L. Drewry