Last Will and Testament
Joseph E. Drewry (1865 - 1885)
Southampton County, Va.

In the name of God Amen I, Joseph E. Drewry, of the County of Southampton, State of Virginia, being of sound mind, but unsound body, know the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time thereof, do make this my last will and testament. I desire my body to be decently buried and to pay the expenses thereof and all my just debts __ after which I bequeath all my real and personal estate as follows.
Item 1st I desire my real estate to be divided equally by commissioners appointed by the court between my well-beloved brothers John W. Drewry and Samuel B. Drewry, and sisters Fannie M. Drewry and Anna F. Drewry, giving the homestead to my brother John W. Drewry.
Item 2nd I desire my brother John W. Drewry to have my horse, clock, secretary and one featherbed.
Item 3rd I desire my brother Samuel B. Drewry to have one featherbed and liquor case.
Item 4th I desire my sister Fannie M. Drewry to have my ####, one featherbed.
Item 5th I desire my sister Anna F. Drewry to have my gold watch and chain __ one featherbed.
Item 6th I desire that my furniture, carpets, silverware, and crockery ware to be divided equally by themselves, between my brothers John W. Drewry, Samuel B. Drewry, and sisters Fannie M. Drewry and Anna F. Drewry. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 28th day of February 1885.

Joseph E. Drewry