Last Will and Testament
Martha Amelia Drewry (1886)
Wife of Henry Tandy Drewry (1866)
Chesterfield, Va.

I, Martha Amelia Drewry, of the County of Chesterfield, State of Virginia, do hereby make and publish the following last-will and testament hereby revoking any will at any time heretofore made by me.

Clause 1st: It is my wish and desire that my executors hereinafter mentioned shall as soon as the interest of my estate (in their judgment) audits make a sale of all my property except such as may be hereinafter specially given away and from the proceeds of the said sale in the first place make an investment of the sum of five thousand dollars in such manner as to (them) may serve best, the profits or interest arising from such investment to be paid over by (them) annually and equally to my Mother Martha Ann Davis and my sister Mary Francis Davis at the death of either, the whole of said profits or interest to go to the survivor and when both are dead the principal with such interest or profits as may be there due upon said investment to be divided between my children and the issue of such as may be then dead, such issue takes the part which would have fallen to their deceased parent if living.

Clause 2nd: I give to my grand daughter, Amelia C. Luckett, my watch with chain and seals. I give unto my granddaughter Nannie B. Luckett my hair chain and white pin. I give unto my grandson Henry D. Perkins the watch that was his grandfathers. I give to my sister Mary Francis Davis my mourning pin, also my writing desk and work box and our Mother's portrait. I give to my daughter Sallie R. Perkins her fathers portrait and mine. I give to my daughter Mary E.P. Rhodes the portraits of her sister and herself which are taken together. The balance of my estate I direct to be equally divided between my four children, viz: Samuel D. Drewry, Henry M. Drewry, Sallie R. Perkins, Mary E.P. Rhodes.

Clause 3rd: The estate which my daughter Sallie R. Perkins may acquire by my will and desire shall be held by my Executors hereinafter named in trust for her sole and separate use and benefit during her life time except from the debts, contracts or controls of her present or any future husband with remainder at her death to her issue if any then be living but if she die without leaving issue the same shall then descend and pass to such persons as would be her next of kin if she had died never having married.

Clause 4th: The part given to my daughter Mary I desire likewise to be held in trust the profits to go to her separate use during her life and the principal to go at her death as she may direct by a will. In case she should die intestate then the same to go to her adopted child Charles Holden Rhodes if living otherwise to her next to kin.

I hereby nominate and appoint Augustus H. Drewry and George P. Lynch the Executors of this my last will (and request that they may be allowed to qualify as such without giving security). This will is written wholly by my own hand. Witness my hand and seal this 4th day of August 1871.

I am very anxious that my children, my relatives and connections should not think that it has been a matter of indifference with me where the remains of my dear husband are deposited. So far from its being an indifferent matter to me it has given me great concern and my children know the anxiety I have felt and the efforts I have made to have them removed to Hollywood in the section I purchased some years ago there to await my burial. Oh, that I could have it done.

July 1878

Owning to circumstances not have lived with Henry and his family for some years and money being scarce I feel that he has probably been less benefited by my income (small though it has been) than some others of my children and as he has some money of mine in his lands, I do not wish him to return it to the rest that may be considered mine but let it be divided with my four children who may be living at the time of my death.

I wish my funeral expenses to be as moderate as decency can require.

May 1879

I leave to my granddaughters Amelia and Nannie Luckett my large bedstand with the bedding and bureau that sits in my room with the sofa which would be very nice if repaired.

November 1879

Great changes have taken place since my first will was written. I have now but little to leave my ...

Martha Amelia Drewry