Last Will and Testament
Martha Jane "Puss" Francis Drewry (1836 - 1898)
Southampton County, Va.

I, Martha Jane Drewry, of the County of Southampton, State of Virginia, being of sound mind hereby make and constitute this my last will and testament:
Item 1 I give and bequeath to my oldest-grand-child, James David Drewry, my large family Bible; all my books, letters, photographs and pictures including the large pictures of my son William, and of my deceased husband except those hereinafter specified to go to others; the single bed-stead and mattrass in my room with 1 blanket -- 1 pr. sheets -- 1 quilt -- 1 counterpane pillows and a gold watch to cost $50.00.
Item 2 I give and bequeath to my grand-daughter, Sallie Darden Drewry, the large portrait of my mother; my parlor vases; -- (#### Need to verify to original.####) (etegere) and my trunk and what -- jewelry I have.
Item 3 I give and bequeath to my grand-son, Irving Lassiter Drewry, the large picture of his Uncle Thomas; my large hymn-book and six (6) of my parlor ebony chairs.
Item 4 I give and bequeath to my grand-daughter, Gladys Person Drewry, my mahogany side-board and silver castors.
Item 5 I give and bequeath to my grand-daughter, Adelaide Esmond Drewry, one of my mahogany tables; large walnut - rocking chairs and little red rocking chair.
Item 6 I give and bequeath to my grand-daughter, Elizabeth Watkins Drewry, my large parlor mirror; small silver spoons marked "N.H." my two "golden" pitchers; large rocking-chair, her Uncle Tom gave me.
Item 7 I give and bequeath to my grand-daughter and namesake, Martha Francis, my walnut bedstead upstairs that I used myself for many years, with springs, mattrass, featherbed, 1 pair blankets, 2 pairs sheets, 1 quilt, 2 counterpanes, 2 feather pillows, a feather bolster, all of the best I have; my large Bible from which I have derived so much comfort -- my old work box; my mahogany wash-stand and flowered toilet set -- my mahogany bureau upstairs, a gold watch to cost - $50.00.
Item 8 I give and bequeath to my grand-daughter, Lucie Thomas Drewry, only daughter of my beloved son Thomas, who preceded me to his rest in Heaven; my mahogany sofa and rocking-chair, which her father admired so much, the set of oak furniture in the South room upstairs, with complete outfit of blankets, sheets, quilts, counterpanes and blue toilet-set; my blue top candle sticks.
Item 9 I give and bequeath to my grand-son, Guy Humphrey Drewry my walnut-desk, which formerly belonged to his great-great-grandfather Humphrey Drewry, half of my cherry parlor chairs; my Methodist-discipline; my brass andirons.
Item 10 I give and bequeath to my grand-son Samuel Ure Drewry, my clock; one of my mahogany tables in the parlor, my walnut-dining table; one of my large bedsteads cherry stained with mattrass, 1 pair of sheets, 1 counterpane complete set of blankets, the (#### Need to verify to original.####) (sincle) bedstead and mattrass in the room John Francis sleeps in.
Item 11 I give and bequeath to my son Paul White Drewry my large walnut bedstead and feather bed with outfit of everything. Mahogany bureau in my chamber and all the rest of my house hold and kitchen furniture and fixtures of every kind and description, not otherwise disposed of as herein specified in my will or heretofore disposed of; my buggy; all my cattle except one cow and calf; my little red-back Bible; one cart and on horse (his choice).
Item 12 I give and bequeath to my to my sister Bettie Francis, such of my clothes as she may want and $25.00 in money to be paid her by my executors.
Item 13 I give and bequeath to Miss Martha Lovesay one cow and calf (her choice) and such of my clothes as my sister does not want for herself. My leather pocket.
Item 14 I give and bequeath to my sons James E., William F., Paul W. and my grand-daughter, Lucie Thomas Drewry, (after my funeral expenses and all just debts have been paid) each to share alike, -- all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate of every kind, money, notes evidences of debt due me at the time of my death; or that may thereafter come into the hands of my executors from sales or any source whatsoever. In the event of the death of any of my children in my life time, leaving lawful issue surviving him, the lawful issue of such deceased child shall be intitled to the share provided in this section to which their deceased parent would have been intitled to if living at the time of my death. I give to my sons living at the time of my death all my lamps table and glassware, such as knives, forks, spoons, plates, cups, glasses and not already given away as specified in this will table linen towels and all my bed clothes not already given away all to be fairly and equally divided and distributed by my sister. I also desire that she divide and distribute my bed clothing in accordance with my expressed wishes.
Item 15 It is my earnest desire and request that none of the gifts specified by name in this my last will ever be sold, under any circumstances, but that they remain in the possession of my children and their legal descendants. Should an entire set (all the children of any of my sons) of grand-children die fatherless and without lawful issue the said gifts shall go to the living parent's (my sons) grandchildren their lawful issue and in such manner and distribution as the parents may agree -- otherwise that is if parents cannot agree my executors shall have power and are hereby directed to make the distribution in accordance with their judgment.
Item 16 I hereby request and direct that no inventory or appraisement or public sale be made of any of my little estate it is my desire that nothing be sold to parties outside of my family. If it can conveniently be avoided, and that the most liberal terms practicable be granted any of my sons purchasing any article or articles belonging to my estate to each and each alike. I leave my love and blessing with the earnest prayer that they all will lead useful Christian lives.
Item 17 I hereby constitute and appoint my sons James E., William Francis and Paul W. Drewry my executors and request and direct that no security shall be required of them or any of them upon their qualification as such. I do further direct and declare that any two of my executors named in this item of my will who may qualify or any one of them should the other two be for any reason disqualified to act shall have full authority to exercise all powers confirmed upon my executors by this my last will and testament as well as all powers conferred upon them by law.
Given under my hand and seal on this 14th day of July 1898.

M. J. Drewry