Last Will and Testament
Samuel Davies Drewry, M.D. (1831 - 1905)
Chesterfield County, Va.

In the Name of God Amen: I, Samuel D. Drewry, of the County of Chesterfield and State of Virginia being sound in body and mind, but realizing the uncertainty of human life, desire and intend, this my last will and testament, herein revoking all prior wills by me whatsoever.

First: After all of my just debts are paid. I leave and give in fee simple.

To my beloved wife, Alice Drewry, all real and personal property of which I die possessed and likewise all that may come to me in any way whatsoever after death. For and in consideration of the manner in which I leave my all, I desire to leave this explanation.
The results of the war rendered my estate to a mere trifle: I have never been enabled with the united exertions of my wife and self to more than decently live: and knowing her energy and judgment in management when I leave her all she will better be able making such changes and arrangements as she may deem proper to meet the requirements of self and helpless children. I feel assured that my dear wife will do all in her power to have properly educated each and all of our children, and will surely impress upon them the importance of giving aid by appropriate help to her and their general support. I do invoke for the mother and our helpless little flock not only the and but advice of friends. But lastly and above all I commend them to our Heavenly Father trusting that he will bless them all spiritually and give them severally, such success, promotion and happiness as is most expedient for them:

This I write with my own hand. As witness my hand and seal this 21st day of June, 1886.

Samuel D. Drewry