Last Will and Testament
Dr. William Francis Drewry (1860 - 1934)
Southampton County, Va.

I, William F. Drewry, make and constitute this my last will & testament.
First: That my executrix, hereinafter named, shall pay as soon after my death as practicable, all my debts and my funeral expenses.
Second: I give, and bequeath to my beloved wife, Bessie Seabury Drewry, my entire estate, real and personal. I make no special provision for our dear children because I am satisfied that their dear mother will always see to their interest. It is my special desire, however, that each of them be given the opportunity, as far as practicable, of acquiring a good education.
Third: I hereby appoint my wife, Bessie Seabury Drewry, my executrix, without bond.
With an abiding faith in the mercy and justice of God.

William F. Drewry