Scuba diving is one of Anne's and my passions. Growing up during the Sea Hunt era it was only natural that I wanted to learn to dive. How could anyone not want to dive after watching Lloyd Bridges' weekly adventures under the sea?

Unfortunately I put off learning to dive much longer than I should have, but there were many reasons for that decision. One of the reasons that probably kept me from pursuing it for so long was Anne. Anne loved the water, that is, she loved being near and looking at the water, but she definitely did not like being in the water. As a child she was not exposed to water or water sports so it was not something that came natural to her. If the truth be known, she had a definite fear of the water. When we took our annual treks to the ocean she enjoyed herself by keeping a relatively safe distance from the water. Knowing that diving was something Anne could not participate in and enjoy I kept pushing off my learning to dive.

Then, in 1984, while on a trip to Hawaii I took a resort course and did two dives. I was hooked from that moment on, but I still couldn't find the time to get certified until 1991. To celebrate my certification Anne purchased all of the dive equipment for me, and we scheduled the first of our many dive vacations to the British Virgin Islands for November 1991. It was during this trip that Anne caught the bug for diving and became determined to overcome her fears and become certified. She learned to swim, took the courses and pool work in New Jersey during the summer of 1992 and was certified in Grand Cayman in October. Since then diving has been tops on our agenda frequently. We've had some wonderful dive trips to Grand Cayman, the British Virgin Islands, Thailand, Tahiti, Aruba, and Bonaire. To view our photo albums with narratives of those trips click on this link.

This section of the Anniebees web site focuses just on diving. Through these pages you can view pictures of tropical fish (by type) and obtain information about dive sites we've visited and dive operators we've used. Follow the links below to the section you would like to view and enjoy!

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Tropical Fish
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