Recommendations for best viewing
1. Before continuing and viewing the pages from our albums you should be aware that this is a photo album where each page contains a number of different photos. Downloading time for each page will vary according to content, your modem's capabilities, and connection line speed. Waits of several minutes may be the norm and not the exception.
2. For best viewing your screen should be set to "1024 x 768" resolution. All of the pages have been designed for this resolution and if displayed in any other resolution the photos and text will not allign properly. This will not keep you from enjoing the pictures, but it may be somewhat difficult to follow everything as intended. To verify and change your screen settings ...
On the desktop right click to display a context menu of choices
select "Properties" located at the bottom of the list
On the Display Properties window select the "Settings" tab
On the Settings Tab window change the screen area to "1024 x 768"
click on "OK" or "Apply" to affect the change (be aware that some systems may require you to reboot following this change.
3. On most pages you will find direct links to all of the album pages except the page you are currently on as well as a "Next" and "Previous" selection. Using the "Next" button consistently takes you from page to page throughout the entire album in the order intended. The "Previous" button takes you in the reverse order to the previous page. You may select any particular page by selecting its link button.
4. Anne and I hope you enjoy the album. If you have any questions feel free to send us an e-mail and we will respond with whatever helpful information we can provide.
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