Wind Forms

Wind forms, unlike kites, do not fly, but like kites they attract attention through their colorful and interesting shapes and characters. Hanging on your patio or porch, or used as a festive decoration for parties to liven up any yard these artful wind forms are sure to please. Offered in a unique series of designs we're sure you'll get years of enjoyment from these friendly wind form creatures.

The more expensive wind forms, Cow, Pig and Teddy, are made with ripstop nylon, while the least expensive wind forms, Dragonfly, Seahorse and Toucan, are made from Oxford nylon. Both fabrics are durable and made for years of exposure to the elements.

Cow 30" Pig 30" Teddy 25"
$34 $34 $34

15" x 29"
15" x 29"
12" x 20"
$16.95 $16.95 $16.95

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