Drewrys in the
War of the Revolution

John Drewry, ca. 1755 - 1805, was born in North Carolina but returned to his ancestral home in York County, Virginia, where he married Sarah Slaughter and had seven children. John and Sarah later moved to King William County, Virginia, where John had acquired 468 acres of land on May 13, 1802. Naming the plantation "Brandywine," John and Sarah built a large plantation house, "Bellvue," on top of a hill overlooking the plantation. John served with distinction during the Revolutionary War as captain of the King William County Militia, 1776 - 1777, and first lieutenant under Captain Edwin B. Dickinson's company of the First Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line. John retired from Continental Line service on September 14, 1778 and immediately formed a volunteer company of militia from King William County, serving as its captain. He continued to serve in that capacity until 1781 when he joined Lafayette's army with which he remained until the surrender at Yorktown. Following the Revolution John continued to serve his King William County as high sheriff. John Drewry is recognized by the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Samuel Drewry, Jr., b May 9, 1730, York County, Virginia, and d January 10, 1790, in Southampton County, Virginia, married Elizabeth Simmons in 1750. Samuel and Elizabeth were among the first settlers of Southampton County moving there shortly after their marriage when the county was first formed. Samuel purchased several tracts of land from his father-in-law, Benjamin Simmons, on February 14, 1750. Samuel enlisted in Continental service on January 19, 1777 at age 47 and was furloughed in 1780 after serving three years. During his service with Company 10, Virginia Soldiers, Samuel, an artilleryman, participated in the campaigns from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to Morristown, New Jersey, under General George Washington. Samuel was furloughed from service from the Park of Artillery at Morristown, New Jersey in 1780. Samuel is also recognized by the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Morgan Drewry, Jr. and his brother, John Drewry, from North Carolina, both enlisted for service in November, 1779 and served in McRee's Company. Morgan and John were each granted 640 acres of land for their service during the Revolution.
Richard Drewry, b September 8, 1762, Southampton County, Virginia, and d September 12, 1850, Weakley County, Tennessee, was the son of William and Rachel Drewry. Richard served three tours of duty with the Virginia State Militia during the Revolution. Enlisting just following his 16th birthday, Richard served during the siege of Yorktown in 1781, where Cornwallis surrendered to Washington thus ending the Revolution. While Richard served three separate tours of duty with the Virginia State Militia his pension request was denied as he did not serve a total of six months as required.
Mathias Drewry, sergeant, 1st Artillery.
Benjamin Drewry, b January 7, 1758, served in the Navy during the American Revolution.
Matthew Drewry, b August 7, 1742, enlisted in 1775 or 1776 under Captain Thomas Nelson or Captain Howard Dickerson. He returned from service to Warwick County in 1179 or 1780 where he died.
John Drewry of Warwick County who served and died while in service in 1779.

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