One of the most beautiful things about Aruba is its beaches. The hotels are located on a beautiful white sand beach that stretches over 7 miles from the edge of Oranjestead to the western most point of the island. Virtually any kind of water sports can be enjoyed, but Aruba is known for its wind surfing. Aruba hosts a major international wind surfing competition annually which draws contestants from around the world.

Naturally, when you put a beautiful beach under a magnificent setting Sun you get an unforgettable picture. Aruba's sunsets are wonderful. Mind you, not all are as perfect as the one at right, but you won't be disappointed. One of our annual activities is to buy several kilos of prawns, steam them and head off to the beach with a couple bottles of wine to enjoy the setting Sun. Tell me ... what could be better than sitting on the beach with your honey, enjoying a wonderful shrimp cocktail, a cool glass of wine and watching the Sun disappear below the horizon? Not much!

Anne, Paulie, Art, Irene
and Paul
Another of Aruba's highlights is its wild side, the northern coast. The north side of the island is virtually uninhabited except by goats and a few donkeys that roam free on the island. Roads in many places are nonexistent and when you can find one it's often a challenge to negotiate it. There have been times when we have placed rocks in gullies so that the car could cross without getting stuck. Yes, 4 wheel drive vehicles are plentiful, but what fun is that? Another avenue would be to take an excursion on a 4 wheel all terrain vehicle as we did. It's an experience and one you won't soon forget.
When driving on Aruba's wild side be aware that your car rental agreement does not cover you when driving on unpaved roads and strictly forbids you from such roads. That's never stopped us, but use caution and good judgment. Another thing to avoid, especially if you're in an open jeep or other vehicle, is any patch of dry red sand. No, you won't get stuck in the sand, but you will wear it and your clothes will turn the color of the sand. It's a very fine and powdery sand that forms dust clouds as you drive through it. Circling back through one of these dust clouds is an experience you will wish you never had. We know! Many beautiful beaches are located on the north side of the island, but the surf is very rough so be careful if you decide to go swimming. These are our favorite beaches for collecting weathered glass and sea shells.

Located on the north side of the island and accessible by 4-wheel vehicles and horseback is the Natural Pool. It's in a beautiful setting against the ocean's deep blue sea. It's not very large, but it offers a few minutes refreshment when traveling on the hot north side of the island. Many tropical fish can be found in its waters and the kids will enjoy climbing the rocks and jumping into the water.
The rugged north shore is absolutely beautiful with its crashing waves and deep blue color. When driving around the island you will notice that goats roam free every where. If you're lucky you'll also run into a group of wild donkeys that also roam the island. Casabari Rock Formation is one of the island main attractions. There are steps that allow you to climb to the top.

Anne standing next to a Divi Divi tree. Aruba is known for its Divi Divi trees. Most that you see will appear as this one does ... dead! It's hard to tell if they are dead or alive, but most do not have green leaves as you expect. They have several nice ones which they use in the commercials you see on TV. The spot where the commercial was taken is not far from a beautiful beach, but the sand appearing around these trees in the commercial was imported to the location to make it look better.

OK, here's your test for this page. What does the rock formation on the right look like? Yes, you guessed it. It looks like a Baboon.

Now all you have to do is find it on your own. I'll give you a hint: It's on the right when headed toward the high ground. And, 9 is good, but 18 is better.

Aruba's sunsets can be among the prettiest you ever hope to see. Several have been included on these Aruba pages for you to enjoy. The picture at right is of the lighthouse on the western end of Aruba. Visiting this area at night offers an excellent view of the populated side of the island, hotel row, and Oranjestead. The stars are beautiful in the clear night sky. Keep in mind though, these sunsets are a matter of catch-as-catch-can. This past year, 1999, there was only one beautiful sunset in over 14 days on Aruba and Bonaire.

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