Anne and I are, by nature, animal lovers. Animals of all kinds and, I guess, you might consider us reptile lovers as well. No we aren't into snakes! But we can handle these fellows quite easily. Aruba has an abundance of iguanas. They come in all sizes and several different colors. They can be seen scurrying back and forth just about anywhere. One of the favorite places to find the larger iguanas is by the hotel pools. They congregate there during the day to sunbathe on the warm rocks and, I suspect, for the free handouts that they've learned is theirs for the asking. While they will eat healthy stuff like lettuce and bread, we've found them absolutely addicted to the hibiscus flower. Hibiscus flower bushes can be found almost every where and the flowers are plentiful. Pick a few flowers and sit by the pool's edge; you'll soon be joined by several looking to be fed. They are (or so we've always found) harmless and you should have no fear feeding them by hand. They are known to try and devour the entire flower in one bite so watch your fingers! Oh, don't move to fast because they will definitely run away.

OK, so you're not a scuba diver, you're not into hand-feeding iguanas, and you don't like driving on the wild side of the island. But want so to be adventurous. What is there left for you to do? The Atlantis Submarine is the perfect choice. It's a nice way to spend an morning or afternoon. They take you by boat out to where the Atlantis is anchored, about half an hour each way, and then you descend in the Atlantis to about 130'. While it is not like diving it will allow you to see what the underwater world does look like with views of both hard and soft corals and some tropical fish. It's worth the expense once!

Another of our favorite activities while in Aruba is flying our dual line stunt kites. At right I can be seen flying Top of the Line's North Shore Radical at Sunset on the beach. If it looks like I'm anchored in the sand you're right, I am. The trade winds in Aruba are quite strong and, depending on the kite, the pull can be tremendous. The North Shore Radical isn't that bad. When you fly the larger Team Kite the pull is enough to drag you along the beach if you're not well anchored. It's a lot of fun. If you've never flown a dual line stunt kite on a beach before at Sunset you should definitely try it. If you don't have a kite we can even help you buy one.

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