I was born in Suffolk, Virginia, the second child and only son of Evelyn Winfree Drewry and Arthur Curle Brett. At the time my parents were living in Murfreesboro, North Carolina in a small rented home on the campus of Chowan College, which was closed following WWII. My father, a pipefitter and welder by trade, was raised in Murfreesboro. There, with his father, he owned and operated George A. Brett & Son Plumbing and Heating Company. My mother was a full-time mother and home-maker. In 1952 my father closed the business and secured temporary employment in Baltimore, Md. The family moved 12 miles to Boykins, Virginia, my maternal hometown, and lived there while my father looked for more permanent employment. In September, 1954, we moved to East Paterson, New Jersey where my father secured suitable year round employment.

I attended public schools in East Paterson (now Elmwood Park), then we moved to neighboring Fair Lawn where I graduated in 1965. I attended Chowan College, Murfreesboro, North Carolina, then returned to New Jersey where I attended Bergen County Community College and Fairleigh Dickinson University.

As a young adult my interests were in show horses and photography. I first pursued a career in photography but found commercial photography boring and unrewarding. In 1968 I attended and graduated from a computer school (a six month wonder!) and began my new profession in early 1969. I have been gainfully employed ever since working in various positions including: Programmer, analysts, project manager, trainer, director of training and sales support. I am currently employed by one of the top 50 software vendors as a trainer working from my home.

I have been married to the same lovely woman, Anne Marie Krilow (picture), for the past 32 years. Anne is the daughter of Theodore, a Russian immigrant, and Maria Krilow, a Polish immigrant, who met and married in a displaced persons camp at Villach, Austria following World War II. Anne, born in Villach, was 4 years old when the family immigrated to New York with her brother, Joe. They settled in Paterson, New Jersey where her father worked in a textile mill until his retirement.

Anne and I have one daughter, Jeannette Marie(wedding picture), who married David Morris Annunziato (picture), her high school sweetheart, on September 16, 1989. Dave, as he prefers to be called, owns and operates a successful commercial graphics design and advertising company, the David Morris Agency, located in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Anne and I have two fantastic grandchildren, Christopher (picture), born 1992, and Alyssa Marie (picture), born 1997, who live not far away (Anne and I can be overheard often saying: "It's time to move!"). We continue to live in New Jersey, where we share our home with Padi, a Chinese pug dog, and Asia, a Shar Pei, and our collection of alley cats, Twinkie, Max and Newbie. My sister, Carol, and her family live close by, as does Anne's family, and we have many friends in the area.

In our spare time Anne and I enjoy traveling and scuba diving. We make frequent trips to the Caribbean where we enjoy water sports, the beach, the Sun, relaxation and fine dining. Through my frequent flyer miles we have been fortunate enough to have traveled around the world for reasonable costs and have enjoyed wonderful vacations in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Europe, the Middle East and Egypt, visiting many of these places more than once. We have not forgotten the United States either having traveled to 48 of our 50 states … one day we will get to North Dakota and Alaska! Be sure to visit the Vacations In Paradise web pages to view pictures from our travel albums from around the world.