Hi! Welcome to Padi's Corner. Padi's corner is dedicated to the best friend, a Pug, anyone could ever own, that is, if owning them is possible. It's more like they own you because they quickly and totally endear themselves the minute you bring them home.

Padi, the current house master, is a seven year old male, fawn in color, who was born April 6, 1992 in Lawton, OK. He was sired by Sugar Bear IV and is out of the dam Lacy's Pride. Yes, he is the product of a puppy mill purchased locally in New Jersey on July 25, 1992. He was, however, not our first Pug. Anne and I have owned Pugs exclusively since 1974 when our first Pug, Danny Boy's Sandie, better known to us as Puggie, came to our home. These pages present information about their history, temperament, breeding, medical problems, sociability and lots of pictures. Please enjoy them and feel free to contact us by E-mail for any questions you may have concerning Pugs.

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