St. Peter & St. Paul Church
Bardwell, County Suffolk

St. Peter and St. Paul Church, Bardwell, county Suffolk, was also listed in the Doomsday Book of 1086. Like so many of the churches mentioned in the Doomsday Book St. Peter and St. Paul Bardwell also represented a small community containing approximately 8 acres of land. A center for an agricultural society where the people have worshipped since the Norman invasion in 1066. The church of St. Peter and St. Paul is over six hundred years old having been built in the 13th century.

The Chancel dates to 1553, the north and south windows date to the 15th century, and the priest's doorway to the late 13th century. The Nave and Tower were built in the late 14th and early 15th century with the Nave being completed in 1421. The Tower was built at the same time as the Nave and is believed to have been paid for by Sir William de Bardwell.

Two eastern windows on the north side of the Nave contain two outstanding examples of medieval stained glass dating to approximately 1440. It is in one of these windows that we find the Drury Coat of Arms above a kneeling knight in full armor.

The kneeling knight in full armor. Above, him is the Drury Coat of Arms. This window dates to circa 1440.
A closer look at the kneeling knight and Drury Coat of Arms.

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