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During a 1998 business trip to England I had the opportunity to visit numerous historical sites relating to our Drewry heritage. Unlike the previous year's trip, when I had only two days to prepare, I had a full month to get ready for this trip, and the preparation paid off. I saw many wonderful things dating to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Beautiful marble tombs, elaborate brass carvings and medieval glass bearing the Drewry Coat of Arms. I also found something I wasn't expecting that surprised and delighted me.

Follow the picture links below to read about the historical places connected to the Drewry family and see the pictures I took. Enjoy.

St. Mary's Church in Bury St. Edmund, county Suffolk contains the elaborately carved marble tombs of Sir Robert Drury, died 1536, Speaker of the House of Commons and Privy Councillor to Henry VII, and his wife, Anne. A second tomb is that of Sir William Carewe, died 1501, and his wife Joan, the daughter for Henry Drury of Ickworth.
St. Mary's Church in Rougham, county Suffolk, is located a few miles outside of Bury St. Edmunds and houses a beautiful brass of Sir Roger Drury who died in 1420 and his wife, Dame Margaret, who died in 1405.
Hawsted Church, county Suffolk, also located a few miles from Bury St. Edmunds, houses a wonderful collection of Drewry artifacts. Among them a series of brasses adorning the tomb of Sir William Drewry of Hawsted; on one side of the main chancel is the tomb of Sir Robert Drury and his wife. Directly across the chancel is the tomb of Elizabeth, Sir Robert's daughter, which is a beautiful and elaborately carved white marble monument to Elizabeth.

St. Peter's Church, Thurston, county Suffolk, has a simple yet beautiful rendition of the Drury Coat of Arms in medieval stained glass windows and in the ceiling boss above the Lady Chapel.
Bardwell Church, county Suffolk, also contains a medieval stained glass window showing the Drury Coat of Arms with a Knight kneeling below.
Sir Robert Drury of Hawsted, county Suffolk, maintained a manor in London located on Drury Lane. Drury Lane was the location of the famous Drury Lane Theater which burned in the 1800's. Today Drury Lane is the heart of London's theater district.

On my last day in London I had several hours to pass before my flight home. I visited the College of Arms who prepared a report on the Drewry Coat of Arms for me. With several hours still before my flight, I visited another historical site known world-wide. As a complete surprise to me I stumbled onto yet another Drewry artifact. Visit this page and you, too, will be surprised by what I found.
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