Chrisy was the third puppy born, Number Three, but that was probably the only time she was ever last at anything. She led the pack in discovering the world around her. I remember one evening watching her discover the way out of the box we kept them in when they were just a few weeks old. The box was large enough for Missy and the puppies and only about two inches high so Missy could easily come and go, but the height kept the puppies confined. When they were old enough to get around I cut the front edge of the box to allow them to come and go. Chrisy spent an hour trying to climb over the top and she
Beau planting a kiss
was just inches from the opening. She finally discovered the opening when she was fighting with one of the other puppies. They were wrestling with one another and they fell over backwards through the opening. When Chrisy stood up the expression on her face was priceless. You could tell by that expression she realized she was finally out of the box and free to roam.

Charlie Brown
When the puppies were about three months old it was decided that Number Three would go to live with my parents in Virginia. At the time they had a Chihuahua, Charlie Brown, who was almost 17 years old and not in good health. Number Three would be a perfect choice for their next dog and would allow us to keep the puppies together. While they lived in Virginia they were frequent visitors to our home in New Jersey. Over the course of a year they probably spent four or more months with us. Once it was decided which puppy was going with them Mama named Number Three Chrisy. Chrisy was a good choice for them because she loved to travel by car. Beau, on the other hand, was not a good traveler and often got sick on long car trips, but Chrisy never minded. When they arrived Chrisy, Beau and Missy would run and play as if they'd never been apart.

Chrisy and Missy

Beau, Missy and Chrisy
in a dog bed with Midnight in the back

Missy, Beau and Chrisy
Beau and Chrisy would spend many wonderful times together running and playing, and they would live to be almost 11 years old. They died in the summer of 1992 just weeks apart and are both buried in my backyard with their Mother Missy and Puggie.

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