Tu Tu's story is a sad one so turn away now if you don't want to be saddened. Tu Tu was the second puppy born to Missy. It was evident from the moment she was born that she was special. She didn't look like the other two puppies and her coat had a different texture to it. But she appeared to be a healthy puppy and was just as active as the other puppies. It would be some months before we discovered that she was not a healthy puppy.

Tu Tu in the protective arms of her Mother Missy
From a very early age Tu Tu demonstrated that she had lots of love to give and she was so willing to give that love. Even now, almost twenty years later, I can remember her running and jumping in my lap. She enjoyed that so much. She was just a couple of months old when I discovered her favorite activity. When I sat on the floor and called her she came running from wherever she was and, just before she reached me, she'd take this giant leap into my lap. After a minute or two of rough and tumble playing she'd repeat the whole procedure. I'll never forget the leaps she made into my lap and waiting arms.

Just after she turned six months old I came home from work one day, sat on the floor and called her. I waited for her to run and jump into my lap. I noticed immediately something was wrong. She didn't run to me as she always did and, after a few seconds, she fell over on her side. Apparently she suffered some form of seizure. She appeared to recover within a minute or two, but I knew something serious was wrong. I immediately made arrangements to take her to the Animal Medical Center in New York, the best animal hospital in the area, for an examination and evaluation. I took the next day off from work and we went to the hospital. After the examination we were somewhat uplifted by what the doctor said. We were told that she probably had a defect in where the brain stem turns into the spinal cord, but that she would be able to live a normal life without much difficulty. We were advised if the seizures continued to contact the hospital and they would do more test. Those words were a great relief, but they were wrong. Soon after we arrived home with Tu Tu from the hospital she suffered another seizure. I immediately called the hospital and made arrangements to take her in for the more thorough examination. We dropped her off that evening and returned home. The next day we received a call that Tu Tu had died from a seizure, devastating news for us all. Anne and I returned to the hospital and brought her home to be buried in our back yard with Puggie our first Pug.

We didn't have Tu Tu long, but in the short time she was with us she added much to our lives. We will always remember her for her loving, friendly and playful ways.

Tu Tu, Beau and Chrisy, December 1981
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