Let's set things straight up front! First, I am a human not a dog. As you can see by the above picture they make designer T-shirts with my name on them. People buy them to let every one know they love me. I was born on April 6, 1992 in an awful place called Lawton, Oklahoma. My daddy was Sugar Bear IV and my mother Lacy's Pride. I don't remember much about either of them as I left home at an early age headed for the big city never to look back. I was glad to be out of that puppy mill and on my way, I hoped, to a good home with a new Mommy and Daddy that would shower me with all the things I needed in life ... food, food, food and a few toys, and oh, let's not forget, some choice bones every now and then and a little sprinkling of love and affection.

I left Lawton on June 23rd and landed at Newark International Airport on the 24th. Can you believe it took me a day to travel from Oklahoma to New Jersey?
Those airlines really treat us puppies terribly! From Newark Airport they whisked me off to some equally awful place called Wayne, NJ, to a store that sold puppies and pet stuff. I was tired and hungry when I arrived so I didn't care much what the place looked like. I just wanted to eat and take a long nap, which I did as soon as those silly people fed me. It seemed like it would take them forever to put a little gruel and milk together and get it to me. With my tummy full I was off to never-never-land to dream about what my new home might be like.

I could see my new home in my dreams. Something large and spacious with a big kitchen and a nice area for my food and water dish. In the back door they had a doggie door installed so I could come and go as I pleased. The backyard was fenced, but it was chain link so I could see through it. My new Mother and Father were kind of old, but that's OK because they wouldn't bother me to much. I could pretty much do what I wanted when I wanted to do it.

Right in the middle of my dream those dummies came in and woke me. Seems there was some couple that wanted to look at me. I thought. "Let me wake up dummy so I can put my best foot forward." But NO! Before I knew it they'd grabbed me by the neck and pulled me out of the cage. Two seconds later they slapped me in the lap of this little girl who smelled like an over-stuffed garlic clove. It was horrible. In two seconds I was surrounded by three more equally repulsive little kids. There's no way I was going to go home with them. I yelled to them: "I'm not going to live in your house!" And, with that said I tinkled all over that little girl. Naturally they were upset that such a cute puppy would do that and they quickly ordered the girl to put me back in the cage. "Whew! I'd managed to escape that horrible family!"

The next month was just more of the same. More families with disastrous little children that pulled my tail and yanked me by the neck. I dreaded every time they began to take me out of the cage, and I thought I'd take the quiet approach from that moment on. Instead of trying to look eager to go home with someone I'd just stay back in the corner of my jail and cuddle up to the wretched stuffed toy they gave me.

People came and went, and I just stayed there. I wondered if anyone would ever want to take me home with them, but I didn't care all that much. I mean what's worse living in a jail cell with no love or being in a home with three or four little monsters? I'll take the jail cell. But I really did want to go home with someone someday. Only in going home with someone could I ever hope to get fed some steak and chicken and not this foul tasting gruel they served here in the pet shop.

Then, one day, this couple came into the shop looking for a Pug. Not just looking at anything in the store, they specifically wanted a Pug. I thought, "That's me!" and I lifted my head to get a better look at them. They were not to old and not to young looking. Best of all they didn't have any children in tow. With that I perked up a bit. There were no guarantees they didn't have a car load of kids at home, but it was promising from where I was sitting. When they saw me they commented on how cute I was, and, if I say so myself, I was kind of cute. They summoned the sales girl and asked if they could hold me. I guess they wanted to make sure I wouldn't tinkle on them too!
Padi arrives at his new home
with his new Mom

Padi gives his new Mom some kisses!
The sales girl quickly grabbed me by the neck (how I hated that), and before I knew it she whisked me and the man and woman into a little room. She handed me over to the man and he quickly cuddled me up to his beard. That reminded me of my real Mommy, and I wondered how she and my Daddy were doing back in Oklahoma. I missed them terribly. The man put me down and sat on the floor a couple feet in front of me. I was sad thinking about my Mama and Daddy so I just sat there with my head hanging low for a minute. They sat there looking at me with my depressed look. I was sure they were thinking that I was not a good choice to go home with them. What could I do? How could I change their mind? With that thought and the fears of having to stay in this dump another day I perked up. I lifted my head, looked them straight in the eye and began to run toward the man. With one giant leap I landed in the man's lap and jumped up against him showing that I was affectionate and worthy of going home with them. With that my fate was sealed. I was finally headed to my new home.
Boy, did I luck out!?! Not only were there no kids at home waiting to yank my tail, instead I found a big house and a humongous yard with no fence. This was definitely my version of Heaven. Surely I would enjoy living with them. Now all that remained to be discovered is what kind of food they'd feed me?

My first driving lesson with my new family

The only thing crazy about joining this family is that they're not the best at naming their children. Take my name for example, Padi. Bet you'd never guess where that came from? No, it's not Irish, but I do get the brunt of Irish jokes like people calling me "Padi O'Pug." That just makes me shiver! I was named after a sport that my new Mother and Father enjoy ... scuba diving. Padi is the acronym for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Huh! How do you like that for a moniker? But, what can you expect from people who named their first dog, a French Poodle, Frenchie and their first Pug, Puggie? I guess it ain't so bad. It is unique!

Now that you've heard Padi's side of the story it's time for me to take over and fill you in on what this little critter is really like. He's definitely a character, not unlike the other Pugs we've loved over the years, he has his own personality. I'm happy to report it's a wonderful one. If the truth be known Pugs are one of the best and friendliest breeds. In my twenty + year association with them I have never known one to exhibit any hint of a temperamental or mean streak. They shower any and everyone with affection and kisses. They hardly ever bark and rarely growl. In fact I intentionally taught one to growl at me when I tried to take away a bone. She learned to growl as expected but never attempted to follow through with what the growl should have meant. Pugs are wonderful pets and Padi is no exception. He is a joy to know and love.

Padi is now almost eight years old. He no longer has the run of the house to himself. He willingly, if not happily, shares it with three feline cousins (Max, Twinkie and Newbie). He is the object of their affections and much attention. For the most part he ignores them, but there are occasions when he will play with them, especially Newbie. Newbie (right) is the devil in disguise. He loves to entice Padi to chase him, and when they are finished playing Newbie showers Padi with kisses to show his appreciation for playing with him. Padi doesn't enjoy it, he's just to much of a whimp to move. You see, Newbie has this habit of pawing him if he doesn't do as expected. I know he does it just to get Padi going and doesn't mean any harm, but when Newbie gets wild Padi runs to his Daddy. He'll look at me with those "rescue me" eyes, and I pick him up and place him in my lap. Yes, he is a lap dog for sure.
Padi is our constant companion. Wherever we are he is. When we are in the kitchen he is always underfoot and can be found sitting between either Anne's or my feet (right). When I am working on my PC in the office he is sleeping at my feet or in my lap. If we're in the hot tub he is sitting on the wall and occasionally stands on the edge in search of a kiss or pat on the head.

Padi not only gets along with humans and cats, he also enjoys the company of other dogs both large and small.

Enjoy the few pictures of Padi and his friends around the house.
<< Padi and Muffin >>

<< Padi, Muffin and Midnight sleeping in a playpen
Yes, Christmas is a special time around the Brett household and the animals get to enjoy too. All of Padi's relatives (human and other) bring him a wrapped Christmas present and he enjoys tearing the wrapping off to get to his new toy or snacks. He has an uncanny way of knowing exactly which presents are for him. Sometimes when I bring him a little stuff toy from a business trip I just open the suitcase and tell him to find his present. He knows exactly what I mean. He climbs into the suitcase and searches until he finds the little toy.


Two of Padi's house mates

Padi enjoying a romp in the pool with
Christopher and his Daddy

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