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Leaving Huahine and traveling to Bora Bora marked the turning point of our vacation. Nine days down and only six to go. I had waited anxiously for our arrival on Bora Bora. From the little reading I had done about the islands, Bora Bora held the greatest expectations for me. James Michener had proclaimed it the most beautiful island on this Earth, and I fully expected to find that true. Just its name, Bora Bora, conjured up great expectations within me, and I am happy to report I was not disappointed. Bora Bora was beautiful and breathtaking.
The island of Bora Bora from the air
Our first view of Bora Bora was from the plane as we prepared to land on this mystical island. The airport was located on a motu away from the main island. The airport was built during World War II by the U. S. Army to serve as a refueling point on the air supply route to Australia. As we circled the island I enjoyed my first views of the magnificent mountains that give Bora Bora much of its appeal. Two distinct peaks form the profile of the island which you can just barely see above. What amazed Michener so much about these two peaks is that, as you viewed them from different places around the island, they appeared to change. At one point they appeared as peaks, at another as a single mountain and not two. I wanted to experience this for myself to see if it was true, if the aura of the island changed as you viewed it from many different places. Learn later what I found out.
The ferry boat from the airport to the Viatape Collecting our luggage we checked in for the ferry (left) to Vaitape, the main village on Bora Bora. We spent what seemed like an awful long time waiting in the hot Sun for the ferry boat to be loaded with the luggage from the flight. I took the opportunity to stand in the shade where Anne took this picture of me. While I stood there I couldn't help but be held in awe by the mountains of Bora Bora. While I couldn't be certain, I had this strong feeling that Michener was right, Bora Bora would be one of the most beautiful islands on our Earth. Art waiting for the ferry to depart

When we entered the terminal from our flight we were greeted by the representative of the Sofitel Marara and received the traditional lei greeting. In all of our previous greetings Anne received a lei that you wear around your neck. She had commented though that she wanted to get one of the flower leis that you wear as a headband. To her and my surprise that's exactly what she received on Bora Bora. Of course this made her happy and was a signal that we were in for something special.

After a twenty minute ferry ride, in air-conditioned comfort, we arrived at Viatape where we waited to board "Le Truck" for the short ride to the hotel. Arriving at the hotel we were all welcomed into the bar where we completed the registration forms, received a cool drink and an orientation from the hotel manager. A few minutes later we were escorted to our room, a beach front bungalow.
Anne with her flower lei headpiece
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