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Rangiroa lies 125 miles northeast of Tahiti and is part of the Tuamotu Islands. The Tuamotu Islands, the largest group of coral atolls in the world, are scattered across 500 miles of the South Pacific. Rangiroa is the world's second largest atoll. Its beautiful lagoon measures 49 miles long and 15 miles wide. The protected waters of its lagoon are a beautiful emerald green and blue. Rangiroa means "extended sky," and from its shores you truly have a magnificent view of the sky from horizon to horizon. The night sky with its beautiful display showing the Milky Way and stars you could never see in New York was magnificent. Following dinner Anne and I would just sit in amazement and the wonders in the night sky.

The most populated of the Tuamotu islands, Rangiroa, or "Rangi" as it is often called, is famous for its marine life. The lagoon is teeming with marine life and the deep passages between the ocean and lagoon are fantastic for their scuba diving. The waters are crystal clear, clean and fresh. The marine life is plentiful. In the passes many sharks, including the magnificent Hammerhead, and other palegics can be found.
Rangiroa Atoll from the air
Rangiroa Atoll From The Air
Anne at Rangi Airport Our primary purpose for selecting Rangi, which we'd never heard of before, as a destination was for its diving. Purportedly some of the best in French Polynesia. We originally wanted Rangi to be our last stop before heading home, but it was switched to be the first island by the travel agent because of hotel availability. Worse yet, we were suppose to arrive at Papeete at 7:00 a.m. but couldn't get a confirmed flight to Rangi until 4:50 p.m. that afternoon. That would have totally destroyed any diving plans we had. We were very disappointed but had not other choices. We were advised that there was an earlier sold out flight we could go standby on. As soon as we cleared customs we headed to the Air Tahiti counter and wait listed ourselves for the earlier, 8:50 a.m. flight. Luckily we made it and we soon were on our way to Rangi, about an hour's flight away.

Landing in Rangi we had a beautiful view of the atoll and its crystal clear waters. To bad the photos taken through the airplane windows don't do it justice.

Anne at Rangiroa Airport, looking remarkably spry after 15 hours in the air and 24 hours travel time! Still smiling, that's a good sign!
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