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All to soon our three days on Moorea were gone, and it was time to move onto the next island adventure, Huahine (Who-A-Hine). Leaving Moorea would not be pleasurable. It was a beautiful island and we asked ourselves: "What could be better?" Surely we didn't expect to find that Huahine would be better, and it wasn't better. It was different. Almost a step back in time to when Gauguin visited the islands at the turn of the century. Huahine, referred to as the "Garden Island," was not as commercialized as Moorea. It lacked the endless modern hotels and shopping areas. It was more primitive and, therefore, truly a place to sit back, relax and enjoy the good life. While not buzzing with activity as Moorea was, Huahine was still a very beautiful and wonderful island to visit.

During our three days in Moorea we were blessed with beautiful Sunny weather. That was due to change. Leaving the hotel we arrived at the airport for our flight to Huahine. Before boarding it began to rain, first a light sprinkle then a heavy downpour. By the time we were to board the flight the rain subsided. We boarded and took off for Huahine. Enroute there were rain clouds all about us, and landing in Huahine we were met with a torrential downpour. As we looked out the window we wondered how we would make it into the terminal without getting drenched. As you can see (right) that problem was solved when the Air Tahiti agents met us with umbrellas for the walk into the terminal.

Just before deplaning we met "Grumpy." Grumpy, Anne's and my pet nickname for someone we were exposed to but did not know, was a young woman traveling with her boyfriend or husband. Probably in her early 20's, apparently somewhat spoiled and (probably) pampered. Looking out the plane's window on landing she was definitely put off by the rain. She began to question the flight attendant about the weather asking: "Is is always like this here?" The implication being that she left beautiful Moorea (where it was also raining when we left) to go to an island where it poured. The flight attendant tried to allay her fears by telling her not to worry about the weather and that the islanders took these opportunities to "enjoy yourself, stay inside and make babies." This did not satisfy her at all.
Arriving on Huahine in the pouring rain

Arriving in the terminal, it appeared as though everyone on the flight that deplaned on Huahine was going to the same hotel, the Sofitel Heiva. We, about twenty of us, Grumpy and her boyfriend included, boarded a larger "Le Truck" for the fifteen minute ride to the hotel. Between the airport and the hotel, a distance of five or six miles, there was nothing but a few houses scattered here and there. Just lush tropical greenery. Huahine definitely wasn't as impressive as Moorea. The road was a single lane each direction and, at times, was unpaved. We passed over a single lane bridge and met only one car during the trip. Looking at the countryside as we rode the "Le Truck" you couldn't help but wonder: "Why did we come here?"

After negotiating a narrow dirt road we finally arrived at the hotel and found the grounds beautifully manicured and very pretty. It was like we had stepped into another world. We went from this primitive area to an area that was very pleasant and wonderful. Exiting the "Le Truck" we entered the hotel's lobby, open air of course, and were greeted with a lei greeting and a cool drink. Minutes later we were registered and on our way to our room and, as usual, our luggage arrived at the room before us.


Having checked out our room we decided to brave the rain and walk back to the hotel lobby. The rain was falling steadily, but not the heavy downpour that greeted us when we arrived, it alternated between a steady and hard downpour. Back in the lobby we again saw Grumpy. This time she was with the hotel manager and very unhappy. She didn't want to stay on Huahine. She wanted to take the next flight back to Moorea as if by some magic the Sun was shinning there all the time. The manager, probably out of necessity, convinced Grumpy and her boyfriend to spend the night and see how it was the next day. We saw them at dinner that night but never again, The next day we were told they left the island on the first flight that morning. The rain swept beach at Huahine


Napping the rain away

As you can see by the picture (right) during our nap the rain moved out and in its place the Sun appeared. What started out as an ugly rainy day turned into a beautiful sunny day, just the kind of day you'd want to go to the beach. Getting up we immediately headed out to enjoy the water and Sun, something easy to do in French Polynesia.

With the rain falling Anne and I decided we'd return to the room and do something to help pass rainy day ... we took a short nap. Having gotten up early for our flight we were a bit tired anyway so a nap was a good idea. We napped about two hours and awoke about one o'clock that afternoon. When we awoke we found:

Clear skys over a beautiful Huahine beach


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