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Sunset over Moorea and the Sea of the Moon channel
Sunset over Moorea and the "Sea of the Moon" as viewed from Tahiti.



Before we knew it the Sun was setting on our visit to Moorea and it was time to move onto the next island adventure, Huahine. This photo was taken from our bungalow and shows the Sun beginning to set and highlight some beautiful cloud formations over the island of Tahiti and the Sea of the Moon. Unfortunately most hotels were located on the east side of the islands and, therefore, did not offer the spectacular views of the setting Sun that one would expect of the islands. Most of the time our view was of the reflections in the sky and not of the actual setting Sun. Setting Sun with overwater huts


Anne collecting sand from the beach Before leaving Moorea there remained one final chore for Anne and I ... the "collecting of the sand chore." Somewhere along the way Anne decided it would be nice to collect sand from the different beaches that we stayed at. Here she is seen after collecting the second sample at Moorea. By the time we arrived home the bottle was full and weighed about ten pounds. But, it's neat. You can see the five different layers from the five different islands. The last sand collected was from Tahiti and it was black sand. Now this Coke bottle, minus the label, adorns a shelf with Anne's other sand and shell collections.
Setting Sun over Moorea
Au Revoir Moorea


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