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The Beach
Anne walking the beach in search of shells
Anne hunting for shells.
The beach was beautiful. Crystal clear and such a beautiful color. Unlike most beaches in the U.S. the waves in the lagoon were very gentle, caressing rather than beating the beach, and with a soft quiet sound that relaxed you as you listened to them slowly drift ashore. The Sun was hot, but there was a gentle trade wind blowing making it tolerable. There certainly wouldn't be any problem getting a tan here.

In front of our room the lagoon had a sand bottom with several coral heads and rock formations nearby. The coral heads were a haven for the marine life, which was abundant and friendly. At every meal we began to horde the bread to feed our little marine friends. All you need do to attract them was put your hand in the water and they would come. Butterflies, parrot fish and trigger fish were everywhere.
The water was warm, in the low 80's, shallow and inviting. Within a half hour of checking in Anne and I were in the water.
Anne touching a Butterfly fish
Anne trying to touch one
of the friendly little
butterfly fish.
A large clam
A large clam, about the size of your
palm. The edges were a pretty
fluorescent blue and green.

The Kia Ora Village Hotel diving activity sign Our primary purpose for coming to Rangi was for the diving. Advertised as the best diving in French Polynesia it was a must for us. It was also advertised as "for experienced divers only," and after our first dive it was apparent why. Most of the diving in Rangi is in the passes between the ocean and lagoon where the current was strong, about 5 or 6 knots at least.

Unfortunately our trip to French Polynesia would not turn into the diving adventure that we hoped it would. The day after we arrived we made two dives, one in Tiputa pass and the other just outside along the coral reef. The dives were spectacular and exciting. On our first dive arriving at 75 feet we were immediately greeted by 10 to 15 gray reef sharks. They sniffed us out and then kept to a suitable distance throughout the dive. We looked forward to the next day's dive, but I developed a really bad head cold overnight. Diving was out of the question from then on. When I was better Anne developed the same cold so our diving was over. Don't worry, we'll go back!

To view the few underwater pictures I did get to take click on the image of the sign to your left. Read it first! Yes, the English part.


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