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The "Kia Ora Village" would become our home for the three days we were on Rangi. Accommodations on Rangi are not plentiful and the Kia Ora Village was described by one travel guide as "Rangiroa's top resort is the snobbish Kia Ora Village." According to the writer "yachties are not welcome here." We found it very nice and comfortable. A perfect place to step back from the hectic fast-paced life we normally live into the quiet of island life. Conveniently located on the same "motu" (small islands) as the airport and right next to Tiputa Pass, one of the best locations for diving. The village of Tiputa is just across the Tiputa Pass for anyone wanting to do some shopping. Anne and I did not take advantage of this aspect of Rangi. We preferred to spend our time at the hotel unwinding from our long and arduous trip and getting in the "island" frame of mind. That would take some doing. Little did we know that we would not see a newspaper again until our flight home, nor would we hear radio or enjoy television (in English). Visiting Polynesia, Rangiroa in particular, was almost like stepping back in time. Anne standing in front of our beachfront hut
Anne in front of our hut,
the "Reka Reka"
Sunset on Rangiroa
Sunset on Rangi
The overwater bar at the Kia Ora Viallage The beach at the Kia Ora Village

The beach in front of our hut.
Art standing in front of a palm tree
The over-water bar from
the beach
Yours truly holding up one
of those coconut palms.
Anne sitting in a small scooter Getting
For those with an adventurous nature you could rent a "fun car" by the hour, half or full day. Surprisingly these little buggies were prevalent throughout the five islands we visited. They could tool around up to 30 or 40 miles per hour, but they offered absolutely no protection from the intense Sun. Not to mention they weren't air-conditioned. We saw quite a few people on the roads with them and passed them easily and quickly in the cars, which weren't air-conditioned either, we rented.

Anne and I saw no need to tour on Rangi. Being only about half a mile wide, four miles long and completely flat there wasn't anywhere to go. Instead we just enjoyed the relaxation of the beach and water.


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