Fred coming in close to check us out

I know most of you who take the time to read this might think it silly that we mourn the death of a fish, but Anne and I were very disappointed to learn that Fred was killed by a careless spear fisherman.

Fred, a twenty-five pound Nassau Grouper, lived on the reef at Sunset House. He was tame and very friendly, so friendly you could actually pet him (like a dog) without him swimming away. He was constantly in search of a handout and most divers accommodated him. We remembered him from out trips in '92 and '93 and looked forward to visiting with him again this year. Sadly we were informed by Cathy Church that Fred was selfishly and recklessly killed about four years ago. According to Cathy someone, or group, intentionally speared all of the friendly Grouper on the island including Wanda, a 300-pound Jew fish that lived on the Oro Verde wreck. Wanda, like Fred, was a tame and friendly fish that allowed countless divers to pet and photograph her. There was even an article in the paper stating how easy it was to kill Wanda ... no surprise to us divers who knew her as a friendly face whenever we visited the Oro Verde wreck.

While we all realize that fish are a food source and not traditionally thought of as pets, we should still remember that they, too, can be somewhat domesticated by us humans. There was no reason for anyone to kill these two friendly fish. They were both well known in the area and it would have been impossible for anyone to not know how friendly they were. What makes it even more impossible to grasp is that they were killed within a protected marine park, although it was reported that Wanda was killed further offshore. Whoever killed these two friendly fish are responsible for robbing thousands of divers annually of the simple joy they provided on their dives. I know Anne and I missed them terribly on this last trip. This page is dedicated to Fred and Wanda. Enjoy a few of the pictures we took in '92 and '93 of Fred. I'm sorry I have no pictures of Wanda.
Anne and I befriending Fred
Fred following Anne looking for a handout
Fred not far away

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