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Sofitel Ia Ora hotel
The above picture was taken from an overlook above the Ia Ora hotel. Anne, demonstrating her hawk-eye capabilities, noticed a constant stream of people looking over at the hotel from this lookout. Naturally, when we rented a car to tour the island this was our first stop. This picture, just doesn't do it justice. Dummy me, I had a polarizing filter but failed to use it! Had I the colors would have been much richer and more natural. Blues and greens that please the eye not this muddy looking mess. Sorry.

The hotel grounds were beautiful. Everything was separated by beautiful gardens and lily ponds with Tiki God sculptures. It was beautiful as you walked to and from dinner. Take a look ...


Overwater huts at the Sofitel Ia Ora Lilly pond at the hotel The Black Pearl Shop at the hotel
The Over-water Huts A Single Lily House of Pain - Black Pearl Shop
Views of the lilly pond Le Perouse Restaurant Tike God in the garden
The Hotel Reception Area La Perouse Restaurant Tiki God In Garden



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