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One of the advantages of an over-water hut is that you don't have to go to the water, it's there and you just jump in. From our deck there were stairs that led down to the water which made for extremely easy access. Exiting the water there was a freshwater shower to rinse off before returning to the deck. The area around the room had a sandy bottom and you could easily see the tropical fish as they swam to and from. Not far away were several good size patches of antler coral and other coral heads which attracted an abundant array of tropical fish. The highlight of course was a large anemone with a resident clown fish (right). Anne and I keep a saltwater tank and have these funny little creatures as they are amazing to watch as they dart about collecting food and feeding the anemone. This was our first sighting of one in the ocean so we were thrilled to watch this little guy all nestled in his protective home. Clown fish in an anemone The

One of the pleasures of Tahiti was the snorkeling. The waters of the protected lagoons were, for the most part, crystal clear, calm and relatively shallow, ranging from two to eight feet. This made snorkeling easy and enjoyable. The tropical fish were abundant and varied quite a bit. Sea cucumbers virtually littered the lagoon floor. Unfortunately underwater pictures do not turn out as good when in such shallow depths as they do when diving. With or without the flash the pictures lack the crispness of color you get when diving. But, I hope you enjoy these few pictures even if they aren't perfect.


Clown fish in an anemone Unknown fish in coral


Triggerfish Orange Lined Triggerfish
Orange Lined Triggerfish
A parrotfish


Treadfin Butterfly fish Unknown fish
Treadfin Butterfly


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