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When I planned this vacation I thought we'd have very little time for touring around the islands so I elected not to rent a car. But, with my cold, our diving was severely limited and we had some extra time on our hands. So, one afternoon Anne and I decided to rent a car and tour Moorea. While not a large island, only about 40 miles around, there were some sights to see and some shopping to do. We rented a Fiat Panda which is about as big as a button and as peppy as a turtle! But it was enough to do the job and a bit better than a "fun car." Now, enjoy some of the pictures we took on our circle island tour.


Moorea is a heart-shaped island and as you drive around the island you follow the ocean around the many small bays that line the shore. Looking across these small bays you can see the jagged peaks and lush tropical valleys that make this island so beautiful and special. Moorea does not lack beautiful landscapes, they are around every corner. Island scene of Moorea
Harvesting coconuts During our drive we saw many beautiful coconut plantations where the palm trees were heavily ladened with the fruit. Here they were harvesting the coconuts. One man would climb the coconut palm and selectively cut the coconuts to harvest allowing them to fall to the ground. A second many gathered the coconuts and took them to the truck where another man split them and threw the coconut into the truck. Yes, this is a scanned picture of two pictures to form a panorama.


Banana tree Two of the most beautiful things about any tropical island are its abundance of plant life and the spectacular scenery. Here you see two samples of that.

Banana trees laden with fruit everywhere. Flowering trees and shrubs almost every where you turn. Going for dinner every night we would stop and pick one of the small orchids and Anne would place it behind her ear.

The scenery of a tropical island with volcanic origins is hard to beat. The many jagged peaks that dominate the landscape are awe inspiring. You could just look at them for hours on end enjoying their simple beauty.
Jagged peak on Moorea


Mt. Rotui and Captain Cook's Bay
One of the most beautiful spots on Moorea is Belvedere Point. Belvedere Point is nestled high up a valley and offers spectacular views of Mt. Rotui, 2,700', which lies between Oponohu (left) and Cook's (right) bays. While this picture is a montage and has slightly different lighting it is accurate as to what the beholds the viewer.
Oponohu Bay and Mt. Rotui
Oponohu Bay and Mt. Rotui
Captain Cook's Bay
Cook's Bay with the SS Gauguin Cruise Ship


Anne and I at Belvedere Point Anne and I at Belvedere Point. There weren't many tourists around and we were fortunate while at Belvedere Point to have run into a couple from Australia. They asked us to take their picture and we asked them to return the favor. When Anne and I were ready to leave we got into the car and just before pulling away the woman asked me to take their picture again. It seems that the first time there was no film in the camera. I can't help but wonder how many pictures they took thinking there was film in the camera before discovering that it was empty. I've made some pretty stupid mistakes with my photographs, but forgetting film is not one of them. As you can see, Anne is wearing a flower that we picked from a nearby shrub just before the picture was taken.


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