Notable Drewrys and Descendants

Researching the Drewry family history I learned many interesting facts about our Drewry ancestors, the people they married and the children they had. Many made significant contributions to the world they lived in. Contributions that extended beyond what might be considered normal and caused some effect on the people, and, in some cases, the nation as a whole, around them. The majority of names appearing here are probably unknown to you, but they were your ancestors and related kins-people , people of their time, who gave an extra effort and, for that reason, they appear with the distinction of Drewrys Who Made a Difference.

Soldiers in the American Revolution

Soldiers in the War of 1812

Soldiers in the War Between The States

Drewry Pioneers

Drewrys in Government

Drewrys in Education

Drewrys in the Modern Military

Drury Relations

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Drewry Family History in America
Harry Moss, 1886-1970, & Eunice Adna (Edwards) Drewry
The Drewrys in Charles Parish, Virginia, 1649 - 1789
John and Deborah (Collins) Drewry, circa 1649 - 1735
The Drewrys in England
Drewry Artifacts in England Today
The Drewry Coat of Arms
Drewrys in Southampton County, Virginia
Drewrys in Georgia
Drewrys in Mississippi
Drewrys in Tennessee
Drewry Landmarks
Notable Drewrys and Descendants
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