The Bund, Shanghai

Shanghai's cosmopolitan atmosphere today has its roots in a long history as a center for trade dating to 960 AD As a result of the Opium Wars in the 1840's, the British imposed the Treaty of Nanjing on China thus forcing China to open Shanghai up to westerners. Foreign interests quickly consumed most of what is now central Shanghai. It was in Shanghai that the Communist party was founded in 1921 and, in 1960, it was here that the Cultural Revolution began and its headquarters were established. During the Cultural Revolution the Red Guard began destroying anything that was not defined by the Communist Party as Socialist Realism, including anything foreign, Buddhist, or just old, like many of the Colonial buildings. Many of these things survived the worst of China's growth and learning experiences, and they are there in Shanghai for us to enjoy today. The Bund is one of the remaining vestiges of Shanghai's colonial period.

Zhongshan Dong Lu Road, or as us Westerners call it, the Bund, parallels the western bank of the Juangpu Jiang River. It was here that the European, American and Japanese built their banks, trading houses, consulates and hotels. Renovated by the Chinese as a tourist attraction and brightly lit at night it is a spectacular sight when viewed from the promenade across the Bund and adjacent to the river.

The Bund, Shanghai
The Bund, Zhongshan Dong Lu Road

Seeing the Bund in daylight was one thing, but we'd seen pictures of it taken at night when the all of the buildings are flood lit. While our tour did not include a visit to the Bund at night, Anne and I were determined that we'd come back on our own.

Directly across the Juangpu Jiang River lies the Pudong Xinqu, or new area. It is the site of a 40 billion US$ development project to include state-of-the-art container port, an international airport, high-rises and skyscrapers. It is well on its way to making Shanghai a world renown port and industrial giant.

Views across the Juangpu Jiang River are impressive with the high-rises and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Take a look ...

Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai
The Oriental Pearl TV Tower
and high-rises along the Juangpu
Jiang River in the Pudong Xinqu area
Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai
As seen through the fisheye lens

After our short walk on the promenade with views of the Bund and Pudong Xinqu we elected to follow Mei, our tour escort, on a walk along the Bund and through the center of the business district, and then take the subway back to our hotel. On our walk we stopped and went inside the Peace Hotel, known as the Cathay in Shanghai's colonial period, and today is Shanghai's most prized colonial building. As is often the case with such old hotels the lobby areas were absolutely beautiful with exquisite woodwork and elaborate decorations.

Leaving the Peace Hotel we proceeded down a main shopping street where we enjoyed an ice cream courtesy of Mei before negotiating the subway back to the hotel.

No, she really wasn't calling anyone. Just playing.
Anne playing in a
telephone booth again
Bright signs are the norm along Shanghai's busy shopping district
Corner building with
major traffic
Small vendors, Shanghai
Small vendors still find room along a street containing
many shops offering everything you might need
The shopping district, Shanghai
Main shopping street is
closed to traffic
Subway station platform, Shanghai
A modern subway station
Clean and modern subway cars, Shanghai
Clean, modern subway cars!
After our short walk and subway ride we arrived back at our hotel in plenty of time for dinner and a free evening. Anne and I knew what we would do with our free time ... take a cab back to the Bund and enjoy the brightly lit street scene at night. Unfortunately we couldn't convince Carol, John or Alicia to join us. I believe now they regret not tagging along after see the pictures we took.
The Bund at night, Shanghai
The Bund brightly lit at night
Oriental Pearl TV Tower and night, Shanghai
Anne with the Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Scenes along the Bund at night, Shanghai
Scenes along the Bund at night, Shanghai
The Bund through the fisheye
Scenes along the Bund at night, Shanghai
The Pepsi Sign Street
The Oriental Pearl TV Tower at night, Shanghai
Lighted character along the promenade, Shanghai
Scenes along the Bund at night, Shanghai
Walking along the river on the promenade and enjoying the sights of the brightly lit street scenes was very enjoyable. I'm happy we did it. One always has reservations about venturing off into the night in an unknown city given that we really don't know the area, but it was crowded with other people walking along the promenade. We felt safe enough to duplicate our walk from before and proceeded to head toward the subway for the quick ride back to the hotel.
Anne with a fountain in the background, Shanghai
Anne by a fountain
Scenes along the Bund at night, Shanghai
Statue along the promenade, Shanghai
Statue near the Promenade
Olympic symbol, Shanghai
Beijing's Olympic
Scenes along the shopping district, Shanghai
Scenes along the shopping district, Shanghai
Scenes along the shopping district, Shanghai
Scenes along the shopping district, Shanghai
Night scenes along the business district
Anne with a baby carriage, Shanghai
Anne with a statue
of a mother, child
and baby carriage

What a full day we had enjoyed. Yuyuan Garden, the Temple of the Jade Buddha, and the Bund in the afternoon and at night. We'd walked for what seemed miles, but we weren't that tired, or so we thought. But it was time to call it a day and get some rest in preparation for our excursion to Suzhou, China's Venice on the Grand Canal.

Join us on the next page for our trip to Suzhou ...

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