Park grounds from the top of the hill

Arches in the park

Anne standing by a large tree (sorry, forgot what kind) ...
the tree is made from concrete and not real
Flowers in the park near a Chinese teapot
Everyone rubs his tummy for luck!

Now, you don't think the only reason we went to the Children's Park was to see the park, do you? Of course not. There was another reason. It was the home of an art gallery featuring Chinese scrolls and paintings. I continued to look for the perfect one with a beautiful tiger, but could not find one suitable. I did, however, find another with a scene of water buffalo along the Li River that I liked and purchased it. It's amazing how these tour organizers know where all these things are. Or is it?

After our visit to the Children's Park there was only one more stop to make before heading to the airport for our flight to Hong Kong, Ludiyan, the Reed Flute Cave. The cave is named after the reeds that once grew its entrance flutes were made from. The cave is very large and full of stalactites and stalagmites in various shapes and sizes. As you make your way through the cave the guide points out the interesting formations, which they've given names to indicating what they look like. It was surprising how many were actually recognizable shapes once they were pointed out. As you walk from one section to another the rock formations are lighted in brilliant colors which adds quite a dramatic effect.

The beautifully lit rock formations of the Reed Flute Cave
All cave photos courtesy of John
One of the more dramatic scenes in the Reed Flute Cave was this cityscape and its reflection in the
pool. With it being such a short time after September 11th it reminded us of the New York skyline

Leaving the Reed Flute Cave we headed to a hotel not far away for our last dinner in Mainland China. We had such a wonderful time in China and were saddened our trip was coming to an end. Perhaps Anne and I felt it more than the others because we had been to Hong Kong several times before and knew the city well. Those that had never been still felt the excitement of a new discovery just around the corner, while Anne and I felt good that we were going back and seeing an old friend. Hong Kong is an amazing city, a "must see" in our eyes and even though we'd been there before we looked forward to being there again in just a few short hours.

Before we go to Hong Kong let's discuss the hotel accommodations, rail and air travel within China we experienced throughout our trip ...
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