Alice in Wonderland and Angel City, Bonaire

Alice In Wonderland and Angel City lie between the Hilma Hooker and Salt Pier dive sites. Located at the southern end of the double-reef that runs parallel to shore to the Punt Vierkant dive site. Depth ranges from 30 to 100 feet with light currents. Following the slope to the sandy bottom it's just a short 60 foot across the sand to the second reef.

The only picture taken of me underwater during our 2000 trip, and guess what? Bubbles, lots'a Bubbles. Oh, well, what can you do sometimes?

Anne checking her 2nd stage

Dog Snapper

Whitespotted Filefish, orange phase

Foureye Butterfly

Purple Anemone

Banded Butterfly

Queen Angel

Queen Angel

Queen Angel
Smooth Trunkfish

Bluestriped Lizardfish

Spotted Drum

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