Town Pier, Bonaire

Town Pier from Kralendijk

Town Pier, as the name implies, is located in the middle of Kralendijk and, as you might expect, is loaded with debris. Tires and pipes were everywhere and while they did not beautify the surroundings, they did provide plentiful homes for the Eels which were everywhere. Permission was granted by the harbor master and then revoked
as a cruise ship was in port. Thankfully, Catherine, our divemaster for the night dive, was able to reschedule for the following night. We were joined by our new dive buddies from Texas, Mark and Cheryl and Teddy and Novella. You enter the water from steps just to the left of the pier and swim out a short distance before descending in about 7 feet of water. Once under the pier you are susceptible to the ramifications of others divers that preceded you ... that is, careless fin flicking and the sediment reduces your visibility to less than 10 feet, which, unfortunately, is about what we enjoyed. The pier forms an "L" shape and the depth never exceeds 40 feet.

Mark, The "Copter Cowboy"
The Spotted Soapfish (right) was absolutely great. As I moved closer to get this shot he nudged himself further back into the orange tubestrea for protection. The orange tubestrea was plentiful on each piling and provided a beautiful display of feeding at night.
Spotted Soapfish and Orange Tubestrea

Orange tubestrea feeding at night

Eels were plentiful hiding in tires

Encrusting sponges on pilings

Yellow Line Arrow Crab

Tiny crab on sponge
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