Playa Pabou Reef, Kralendjik, Bonaire

The Playa Pabou reef is located just across from the Green Submarine Dive Shop and only a half mile from the center of Kralendjik. In our two previous trips to Bonaire we didn't even consider diving this location and only did so this year because of Paulie getting certified at Green Submarine. I have to tell you both Anne and I were pleasantly surprised and delighted with the three dives we did at Playa Pabou.

This area of the beach was sheltered to some degree from the devastating waves that pounded down on Bonaire last November. The reef was spared much of the sand damage that we saw at other more exposed dives sites. But what really got our attention was the abundance of marine life and what spectacular life it was. On our first dive we spotted our nephew Paulie enjoying his first underwater experience. That was a thrill. On our second dive a Great Barracuda added many thrills. And on our final dive of the trip, a dive I must admit we were beginning to get disappointed in because there appeared to be nothing around and the current was up, a Hawksbill Turtle made our dive.

So, take it from someone whose been there. Don't dismiss any dive site until you actually dived it and don't discount any dive until you're out of the water. Enjoy some of the pictures we took. (Note: I was using a new 28mm wide-angle lens so some of the pictures may not be exposed properly. Forgive me for the mistakes. Next year's pictures, I promise, will be better.)

Blue Tangs - '00

Bright yellow Trumpetfish - '00

Anne enjoying being weightless!

We parked across the street by the Green Submarine Dive Shop, suited up and made the short walk across the street to the entry area (pictured below). Everyone got a kick out of the "Diver Crossing" street sign and it became a mandatory photo op.
Playa Lechi Beach area

Tangs enjoying an Orange Sponge

Blackbar Soldierfish

Yellowtail Snapper
The French and Queen angelfish were abundant this year and joined us on every dive, often traveling in groups of two or more. Being two of the more difficult fish to photograph accurately I always shoot lots of pictures and hope for one great one and several good ones. I managed to capture a few shots which were pretty good (no, not great). Enjoy them ...
Isn't the French Angelfish absolutely beautiful? One of the prettiest angels in the sea certainly. The next critter we found, well, you definitely can't say he's one of the prettiest in the sea. In reality he's probably one of the ugliest you'll encounter when diving. Ugly yet beautiful in its own way.

This Spotted Scorpionfish is almost invisible laying against the coral and sand ledge. Had it not been for old "Eagle Eyes Anne" I would have never seen it.

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