Southwest Corner, Klein Bonaire

Southwest Corner lies on the very southwestern tip of Klein Bonaire and is the furthest point on Klein Bonaire to reach by boat. even so, we were there within twenty five minutes. Martyn, our capable divemaster, joined us for our dive as he did at Carl's Hill. Similar to Carl's Hill, Southwest corner is one of the best spots on Klein Bonaire for photography. Beginning in the shallows, about 20 feet, are formations of staghorn coral, fans and gorgonians. This was an excellent place to spend the last minutes of our dive draining our tanks to the 500 psi minimum. Tropicals are abundant and this area provides maximum protection for many juveniles. Descent on the wall begins about 35 to 40 feet and is beautiful with its large formations of star coral and continues down to about 130 feet. Martyn had promised us a spectacular dive and, I'm happy to report, he did not disappoint us.

Queen Angel
See what I mean about these little beauties? Good distance. Good exposure. And, as you click the shutter, they manage to turn and ruin the entire shot. I chased this Queen from coral formation to coral formation, waited for her to emerge from one hole after another and still this is the only shot I got. I really thought I had a good one until I saw the film developed. Oh, well, maybe next time I hoped.
This is another of my favorite tropicals, the Spotted Cowfish. The juveniles are quite easy to catch if you are careful not to hurt them and aren't afraid to put your hand under a ledge or in a hole. Surprisingly their body is quite hard not like other fish you may have handled. They've always intrigued me with their odd looking shape.
Spotted Cowfish

Spotted Moray Eel
This little guy was quite a bit of fun also to photograph. He couldn't have posed any better had I placed him there myself. It was that perfect "head only" pose.
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