Buddy Reef, Bonaire
Night Pictures

Christmas Tree Worms - '98

Sea Cucumber - '98
It seems that Buddy Reef has an abundance of Spotted Scorpionfish. We spotted them on many of our day and night dives. Actually, I should give credit where credit is due. Anne was definitely my official spotter during most of our dives especially those we took the camera. While I was busy taking pictures of her last find she was off spotting my next shot. Thank you honey for a good job of fish finding.
Spotted Scorpionfish - 98

Green Moray (small) - '98

Green Moray (small) - '98
Eels at Buddy Reef reef were plentiful especially during our night dives. The above is a small Green Moray that was absolutely beautiful posing in that traditional "head only" pose. I'm more accustomed to seeing the much larger and more ferocious looking adults so this one was a pleasure to observe and photograph.
Another permanent resident and frequent companion on our dives at Buddy Reef was this Honeycomb Cowfish. They're so ugly how can you help but not love them. Sorry, loving ugly animals and fish runs in the family. While he visited frequently and found himself in my viewfinder I never got a really good full portrait of him. He always managed to be partly hidden or at some weird angle that kept me from getting that sought after prize shot.
Honeycomb Cowfish - 98

Yellow Line Arrow Crab - '98

Brittle Star - '98

Brittle Star - '98
For the observant, and Anne was that, Yellow Line Arrow Crabs and Brittle Stars were also abundant at Buddy Reef. The one thing that managed to evade us in all our dives at Buddy Reef was the elusive Frogfish. Several had been spotted by other divers during their dives at Buddy Reef, but we were not blessed with a sighting. Well, maybe next time. I hope so!

Red Banded Coral Shrimp - '00
<< This year there was an abundance of Red Banded Coral Shrimp on the reef. They were easily spotted during both our day and night dives.

The sand damage from the >> storm of 1999 killed many of the Christmas Tree worms. They were downright scarce in certain spots.

Christmas Tree Worms - '00

Balloonfish - '00

This guy was really cute. The lights blinded him and kept him
as a captive audience while I took these close shots.
The Spotted Cowfish were everywhere this year and in all sizes.

Spotted Trunkfish - '00

Spotted Moray Eel - '00

Sharptail Eel - '00

Unknown - '00
On our night dives at Buddy Beach we were always joined by this guy. He was a good size and probably belongs to the Snapper family, but I don't know the exact species. He would follow the lights in search of a meal. On one close pass I couldn't resist taking his picture even with the macro lens.

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