Captain Don's Wreck, Bonaire

For our last shore dive we chose a beauty, Captain Don's wreck, which was located about 100 yards west of Buddy Reef. All week we had been hearing rumors of several people seeing two seahorses near the wreck. Having never seen one Anne and I were anxious to see if we could find them and enjoy what we knew would be a beautiful sight to behold. Serge, following our dive to Leonora's Reef provided us with a detail map showing where the seahorse was when he last saw him. Anne and I headed off with much anticipation. We located the wreck easily and, following Serge's map, we located the coral head with the sandy bottom and few pieces of grass which the seahorse was attached to. The only problem ... NO SEAHORSE!

We separated and started to search for where he might have moved. It's understandable that he would move. He was pregnant and very nervous with all the divers being around him in such a delicate time. Anne searched to the west and I to the east. It took about fifteen minutes, but we finally managed to spot him clinging to something under a ledge. I signaled to Anne that I had found him and began to take pictures of him. I shot quite a few of him but only four are worth anything. Because of his position I really couldn't frame him so I was shooting blind. As it turned out in most of the pictures parts of his head and body were blocked by the thing he was attached to. But the four I got are wonderful. Here are two, take a look!

Lined Seahorse

Lined Seahorse
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