Leonora's Reef, Klein Bonaire

Leonora's Reef would be the destination for our third boat dive to Klein Bonaire. Located on the northwestern portion of Klein Bonaire next to Carl's Hill, Leonora's Reef offers a steep drop off that goes down to about 130 feet. Serge would be our divemaster for this dive. Of course we kidded him by telling him about the spectacular dives we had with Martyn, and he promised that we would have an even more spectacular dive with him. He wasn't wrong. On this dive something very special happened that made the dive spectacular even if the photographs were disappointing.

Red Hind

Spanish Hogfish missing tail portion

Hawksbill Turtle
Serge definitely came through for us when we spotted this Hawksbill turtle. I was at approximately 60 feet when I first spotted her and immediately gave chase. Camera in one hand and depth gauge in the other I managed to catch up with her at 100 feet where I took this picture. That was it, I was out of gas. I was forced to wave good-bye as she swam away. It was still a memorable experience as it was Anne's first turtle underwater.
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