Salt Pier, Bonaire

Salt Pier was another shore dive Anne and I enjoyed very much. Located just north of Pink Beach, Salt Pier is the site where processed salt is loaded on ships for shipment around the world. Prior to diving at Salt Pier you must secure permission from the harbor master. The dive shop can usually confirm this with a quick phone call. Permission is required to insure no ships are present to endanger divers beneath the pier. The depth ranges from 15 to 50 feet and the entry is quite easy from a small sandy area just to the right of the conveyor.

Year 2000 Update! The Salt Pier dive site was not damaged by the storm of November 1999. It was just as we remembered it from previous years, only this year the water was clearer. Actually it was a bit strange. In previous years diving at Salt Pier always meant somewhat reduced visibility. Not this year. The water at Salt Pier was some of the clearest we found during the week. I also suspect someone has begun feeding the marine life at Salt Pier. In previous years the marine life maintained a healthy distance from divers requiring you to chase them for a good photograph. This year we ran into a group of French and Queen angels that just begged to be photographed. One of the Queens actually came up and nibbled on Anne's fingernails when she extended her hand to them. Naturally I was delighted as I got some exceptional photographs.

Salt mountains for shipment - '98

Salt Pier - '98
Arriving at Salt Pier we met some of our new friends, the Texas contingent, from the resort who were just coming out of the water. After a short briefing we were ready to begin our dive. We were advised there was a Barracuda and a large Green Moray Eel present and told where they could be found. We looked forward to seeing them anxiously. As you can see, we weren't disappointed. Just as promised under the "T" formation at about 40 feet Anne spotted this Barracuda She immediately advised me of his presence, but I couldn't see him for nothing. It took her fifteen minutes to get me latched onto him and the chase began. I began to follow him in hopes of getting a good photo. He soon joined up with a second Barracuda as I clicked away. This was the best shot of the lot.
Barracuda - '98

Spotted Trunkfish - '98

Honeycomb Cowfish - '98
<<- '98 - The only downside to Salt Pier is that the water was a bit murky with quite a bit of sediment floating around. Distance shots with the camera were not good because of this, but this is the only shot of Anne and I taken the entire trip.
Also not a good quality picture, this shot of the Saucereye Porgy was interesting enough. No matter how hard I tried to move in on him and get a good close clear shot, he managed to stay just outside my range. He never once turned to look at me preferring to keep me some distance behind him.
Saucereye Porgy - '98

Whitespotted Filefish - '98
Again, not a quality picture, but it was the only shot I got of a Whitespotted Filefish who was not enjoying the "orange phase." that alone makes it unique and special.
Year 2000 pictures follow! Surprisingly the water was much clearer at Salt Pier this trip and there were some wonderful photo ops when a par of French Angels and a threesome of Queen Angels decided they wanted to hang around Anne and I. One of the Queens was so friendly in fact that she decided to nibble at Anne's fingernails when he extended her hand toward her. Enjoy the pictures!
French Angel
French Angel
Queen Angel
Queen Angel

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