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We awoke to day 5, another perfect day in paradise, and left Muskmelon Bay where we had anchored overnight, and headed toward The Dogs. The Dogs are islands located midway between Tortolla and the northern tip of Virgin Gorda. The Dogs was our next scheduled dive site. Given our previous dives track record I was determined that we would not suffer the same fate again. The only thing that was uncertain is whether Anne would be able to descend or not.

Our route would cover quite some distance and pass through some beautiful passages between Guana Island, Great Camanoe and Tortolla. The scenery was breathtaking and relaxing and we all enjoyed sitting back and watching the islands pass into the distance. At the end of the day we would anchor at Drake's Anchorage, where Ken and Darla spent part of their honeymoon, and have a superb dinner Drake's Anchorage.
Day 5 sailing route map
Day 5 route
Anchored sailboat, Mosquito Island Boat anchored off of Mosquito Island
Anne hunting for shells on Mosquito Island Anne hunting shells Mosquito Island
Group standing on the beach
The group discussing whatever with someone on Mosquito Island
Daisy playing in water Daisy was absolutely amazing and a continuos source of enjoyment for the entire group. She would always accompany us ashore and join in whatever activities we engaged in. She had no fear of the water and, in fact, loved to be in the water. Quite often as we approached the shore in the dinghy she would jump into the water and swim ashore. Of course she was not a world-class swimmer and we would end up beating her, but that didn't matter to her. In the photo to the right Anne and I were playing fetch with her. We'd throw whatever was handy, sticks, rocks, whatever, and she would retrieve them for us. As you can readily see, she didn't mind immersing herself under water to get whatever we had thrown her way. She enjoyed playing with us and we enjoyed playing with her.
Mike and Capt. Jeff During our sail we would stop at Leverick Bay on Virgin Gorda for some much needed water and a stroll around the local Pussers. Pussers is sort of a legend in these parts and they can be found in all the better places.

<-- Mike and Capt. Jeff at Leverick Bay

Pussers at Leverick Bay -->
Pussers at Leverick Bay
Mike and Janet Mike and Janet hiding from the Noon Sun behind sunglasses
Mike resting in main cabin During the day the Sun was hot and the activities endless. We would often return to the boat a bit hot and tired. That was quickly remedied by a few minutes laying inside the cool cabin (as Mike is doing in the photo left). There was air-conditioning inside the cabin, but it really wasn't needed. At night it was rather cool at times but not uncomfortable by any means. A light cover and you were find in the beautiful, crisp night air.
This evening would be special. A request of Ken and Darla's for something to do included the group having dinner at Drake's Anchorage where they had stayed during their honeymoon. We all dressed up to the nines and anticipated an excellent meal based on Ken's comments about the restaurant. He wasn't wrong! Sunset at Drake's Anchorage
Sunset at Drake's Anchorage
Ken and Darla Ken and Darla enjoying a beer before dinner at Drake's Anchorage
Dinner at Drake's Anchorage
Waiting for our table at Drake's Anchorage
Anne, Mike, Janet, Cheryl, Jim, Darla, Ken and Art
Art enjoying rack of lamb
Rack of Lamb
It was delicious!
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