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Day 2 Diving the Aquarium and Jost Van Dyke
Before leaving home we all filled out a form indicating our likes and dislikes for food, drinks, and activities. Having dived in BVI before I requested we make several dives, one of them at a dive site called the Aquarium. The Aquarium is located by the Indians, pinnacles close to Normal Island. Our schedule for the second day was to sail from Norman Island to Jost Van Dyke. On the way we would pass the Indians and stop for our first dive. It was a beautiful dive and I wanted Anne, Ken and Darla to enjoy it as I had done years earlier. I looked forward to it very much, but it would prove to be a disastrous dive.
Anchorage at Norman Island
Norman Island anchorage
Party boat at Norman Island
A party boat at Norman Island
Pulling up anchor we left Bradles Bay where we spent the night and toured the anchorage at Norman Island before heading to the Indians for our first dive.
Pelican Island and the Indians
The Indians and Pelican Island
The Indians Pinnacles The Indians are a series of pinnacles located not far from Norman Island. There are several good dive sites located in the area, one of them, the Aquarium, is especially beautiful. You enter a tunnel about 15' below the surface and then ascend into a shallow basin with crystal clear waters. Here you can find a variety of tropical fish, truly a photographer's delight. I couldn't wait to introduce Anne to this wonderful dive site. I knew she would enjoy it immensely.
Ken getting ready to dive
Ken don't forget your tanks!
Divers in the water
Ken, Anne, Art and Darla about to descend at the Indians
Anne suited up and ready to go
Anne suited up

Diving the British Virgin Islands was special for me as it was the first dive vacation that Anne and I took after my certification in 1990. We spent a wonderful week there diving, that is, I did the diving as Anne was not certified at the time. I believe that my coming back and telling her of the wonderful things I'd seen is what gave her the spark to overcome her fear of water so she could learn how to swim and eventually get certified (which she did in 1992). I wanted so for her to see the Aquarium as I had enjoyed it so much myself years before, but it wasn't to be. As you see by the picture above we were all in the water and ready for the dive when an unexpected disaster struck, OK it wasn't a disaster, but it was misfortune. For some unknown reason Anne could not clear and was unable to descend. We tried several times without success. Since Ken and Darla were in the water and ready to go I sent them ahead while I stayed with Anne and tried to help her get down. Nothing worked and eventually she returned to the boat. With my plans of showing her the Aquarium dashed I made a quick dive around the base of the Indians but did not visit the Aquarium. It wouldn't have been the same without Anne there to enjoy the sights.
Day 2 sailing route
The Caves
With our aborted dive of the Indians and Aquarium over we set sail for Jost Van Dyke. Along the way our fishing tournament got off to a quick start by an unlikely candidate. Sailing across the channel, near Frenchman's Cay, we were trolling when there was a hit. Cheryl quickly grabbed the fishing pole and reeled in our first real catch, a nice but rather small tuna. She was now officially ahead in the tournament and we all couldn't wait to best her. Cheryl catches the first fish, a tuna
Shanty on Jost Van Dyke
Shanty on Jost Van Dyke
Our next destination would be White Bay on Jost Van Dyke. White Bay is the home of the Soggy Dollar Bar. Aptly named the Soggy Dollar because everyone just jumps off their boat and swims ashore arriving at the bar with soggy dollars.

The Soggy Dollar is also a historic place in the British Virgin Islands. It was at the Soggy Dollar Pusser's Painkiller, a very popular drink in the British Virgin Islands, was born. If you've never had one you must try one. I'll guarantee it won't be the last one you have! The Soggy Dollar a must see BVI attraction!
Cheryl paying hommage at the Soggy Dollar Bar
Cheryl at the Soggy Dollar
Ken, Darla and Daisy in the kyack
Darla, Ken and Daisy at White Bay

Darla and Daisy ashore, Ken trying to get there
Darla and Daisy are ashore, now we just need to get Ken there

Having a tri-marine sailboat is an excellent idea and one of the best ways to visit beaches. With it's shallow draft we were able to anchor within yards of the beach. Being so close it was easy to get ashore. You just had to jump in the water, swim those few yards and you were there. There were other ways of getting ashore without getting wet or, at least, with the hopes of not getting wet. Ken and Darla decided they wanted to pay for their drinks at the Soggy Dollar with crisp and dry dollar bills so they took the kayak ashore. Daisy, ever smart as she was, decided to hitch a ride ashore with them. Daisy was like a fifth wheel. Everywhere we went she was sure to follow as if she belonged to us.
Art sitting on the Hobie One sailboat
Me sitting atop the Hobie One sailboat waiting to go ashore
Just another perfect beach
Just another perfect beach
Playing bar games
Anne, Art and Ken watching Jim toss the ring
Two of our favorite activities while in the islands ....

<-- Playing bar games (get the ring on the nail) and

Drinking a cool refreshment on a hot sandy beach, make that bar stool -->
Anne, Jim, Ken and Art at the Soggy Dollar Bar
Anne, Jim, Ken and Art
Ken and Darla enjoying the hammock Anne enjoying the hammock
Having noticed that Ken and Darla were absent from the bar games scene we went in search of them and found them relaxing on a hammock strung out between two palm trees on the beach. Not to be out done, Anne quickly joined them.
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