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It's beyond me how anyone managed to sleep given the shocking news that learned during dinner, but we were all eagerly looking forward to the wedding now just a few short hours away.
Mary, Lisa and Capt. Jeff all kept the wedding secret
Mary, Capt. Jeff and Lisa
They're good at keeping secrets!
Can you imagine, eleven people living aboard a 63' sailboat for a week and no one spilling the beans about the surprise. I have to hand it to Capt. Jeff, Lisa and Mary, who were in on the surprise from the onset, for not giving it up. And, to show you how observant and nosy we were, Mary had been making the wedding cake for two days, a layer at a time in the tiny oven, and we didn't even notice. Nothing short of amazing could describe this!
Ken and Cheryl talking about the upcoming wedding
Cheryl and Ken talking about the
big secret!
Jim comtemplating the big wedding news
A stunned Jim thinks
about his proposal
Anne and Art suiting up for the dive
Art assisting Anne to get ready for the dive, Mike standing watch

Anne underwater waving
Anne saying Hi!

Darla making headway against a strong current
Darla fighting a strong current
Coral encrusted remnants of the RMS Rhone Coral encrusted remnants of the RMS Rhone
Coral encrusted remnants of the RMS Rhone
School of French Grunts
School of French Grunts
Unknown fish and corals at the Rhone
Unknown fish hiding under the RMS Rhone
Purple Tube Sponges
Purple Tube Sponges
Anne and Darla discussing a good dive at the RMS Rhone Anne and Darla discussing the dive at the Rhone
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