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Full Moon Party
If you're fortunate to plan your travel to BVI during the Full Moon you'll be in for a pleasant surprise. Once each month, when the Moon is full, BVI hosts a "Full Moon Party." It's the talk of the island and a "must" attend for the tourists. I'm not quite sure why it has this reputation, but we were caught up in the hype and decided to join the party following our dinner at the Sugar Mill Inn.
The Bomba Shack, home of the Full Moon Party
A side wall of the Bomba Shack
Once you arrive at the "Bomba Shack," the location on the beach where the Full Moon Party is held, you will be greeted by hoards of people jammed into a small area. The music is blasting and the liquids flowing.
Sign to the Bomba Shack
If you dare enter the Bomba Shack you will be rubbing shoulders with everyone you meet. It's wall to wall people all jammed into a shack that looks like it is going to fall down any minute. A quick exit is advised.
In addition to the drinks and music the "Full Moon Party" is also known for the mushrooms. Yes, mushrooms! Supposedly these mushrooms provide a natural high and you see people selling the mushroom concoction in shot glasses to the unwary tourists out for a night's fun. I really don't think you need anything other than the drinks and the mood to get high at the Bomba Shack's Full Moon Party. Anne and I didn't try them. I've always been leery of such things ever since a coworker told me of an experience she had while traveling in Israel. They bought something to smoke and it turned out they purchased and smoked camel dun. All of them got sick and, I guess, learned a valuable lesson. Cheryl, Mike and Jim at the Full Moon Party
Jim, Mike and Cheryl
Maybe they're singing "La Bamba"
Anne and Art at the Full Moon Party
Anne and I by the Bomba Creed
We enjoyed a few drinks and a quiet walk along the beach before searching out Ronald for our ride back to the hotel. We had earlier made arrangements for him to meet us at the Bomba Shack and, judging from the crowds, it was a smart decision to have this arrangement. We were all, I believe, happy to see Ronald's smiling face.

Anne and Art with a black cat
Arriving at our hotel we quickly found a friend to cuddle up with for a few minutes before retiring for the night.
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